Learn how to write successful history papers (and get some original Cold War topic ideas as a bonus)  

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Posted Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 5:13am

Have you been assigned to write an essay or a research paper on the Cold War or any other history topic? With our help you’ll come up with the most original and engaging topics for your assignments and learn how to write an effective history paper that will impress your teachers.

Time to Start Loving Your Homework 

What do you like the most about your college? Some student cannot imagine their college life without partying and hanging out with their friends, while others like attending lectures and writing essays. In fact, it’s a common belief, or should we say – misconception, that all students hate their homework. Of course, the majority of young learners often languish under burdens of piles of homework that is never done. Essays, research papers, personal statements, book reviews, and annotated bibliographies... All these assignments take up too much of your valuable time and often leave you drained. They say it’s your responsibility to spend much time working on the college assignments and thus acquire necessary skills and knowledge. It’s hard to disagree with that. Nevertheless, you still continue considering college essays as some sort of intellectual torture. 

Believe it or not, there are students who really find writing essay particularly interesting and captivating and look forward to new assignments. They enjoy the very process of researching their topic, developing an argument, and drawing conclusions. Why don’t you try to do the same? It’s about time you stopped excruciating yourself and started treating your essay as a great opportunity that can help you become a smarter and more efficient learner. And we’re going to help you with that. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be scoring only As for your assignments, but the odds are good you’ll come away more confident with your writing process after you familiarize yourself with our recommendations. 

Writing a Successful History Research Paper 

Students majoring in History know how difficult and time-consuming their assignments can be. Therefore, very often students rely on essay writing companies to get help with their assignments. If you’re having hard time writing your history paper, you can also avail yourself of reliable writing services’ help and get your paper impeccably written within the shortest possible time. Still, if you’re eager to generate ideas for your research paper by yourself and surprise your professor with fresh topics and comprehensive analysis of a certain problem, you may find our further recommendations handy. 

As any social science research paper, you history paper should be grounded in facts and thorough research. Keep in mind that there is no room for assumptions, biases, and prejudices in your paper. Should you succumb to temptation and use invalid assumptions in your writing, you’ll undermine your authority as a writer. It’s is of paramount importance that you substantiate your claims with sufficient evidence drawn from reliable sources. Speaking of sources! When working on your history paper, you need to rely on primary sources, such as documents, acts, diaries, journals, memos, photographs, and government records. Thus, you’ll be able to create a credible secondary source based on interpretation of primary materials. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about citing trustworthy peer-reviewed secondary sources in your research paper. Show you versatility and ability to utilize multiple sources when backing up your arguments. 

Also, keep in mind that a thesis statement is a heart of your paper. Therefore, you need to make sure it’s fresh, original, and debatable. Students often confuse a thesis with a subject of their writing. Don’t make the same mistake when building your thesis and developing it. It’s interpretation, not merely stating facts that should constitute your thesis statement. Also, steer clear of using clichés, universal truths, and abstract ideas in your thesis. 

Some Useful Cold War Topic Ideas to Consider 

With such things as nuclear weapons and interventionism being among the most widely discussed issues and growing public concerns, students are often assigned to do research about the Cold War. So, we suggest that you check the list of some original topics for your Cold War essay right now. You’ll be able to pick one or more ideas and develop them in your own paper that, hopefully, will be highly appreciated by your instructor. 

1. The Cold War: the Era of Fear 

2. Was the Cold War Truly a Cold War?

3. How the Correspondence between the Two Leaders Helped to Prevent the Nuclear War.

4. The Berlin Blockade and its Impact on the Cold War.

5. The Cold War in Literature and Filmmaking. 

6. The Cold Korean War as a Spawn of the Cold War.

7. The Cold War and the Domino Theory.

8. Who was to Blame for the Cold War? (May be not so fresh, but gives much room for analysis, research, and speculations wherewith you can demonstrate your expertise and ability to interpret historical facts).

9. The Most Important Events of the Cold War.

10. Correlation between Space race and the Cold War. 

They are only some topics to consider. Should you want to demonstrate your creativity and come up with another topic, knock yourself out!