How will a 30 minutes shorter test time affect your GMAT examination and how to deal with it? 

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 6:25am

GMAT is the examination for the qualification of admission in MBA. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is basically a computer based adaptive test to assess the candidate’s potential. It basically has writing, verbal, quantitative and reading skills in written English which is used for admission in management programs. There are approximately 600 centres across 114 countries worldwide for taking GMAT test. The validity of the score card of GMAT examination is 5 years and the duration of this examination before 2018 was 4 hours but in April 2018, the duration was reduced by 30 minutes and now the duration for the examination is 3.5 hours. 

Although there is not much change with the syllabus the change in test time is a big reason for chaos and tension among the students. There is no need to worry much. Be sure about your preparation. There is nothing that practice cannot fix. To get familiar with the new timeline of examination, practice GMAT test seriesregularly and try to get yourself accustomed to the new duration of examination. Here are some tips for taking the test series before taking the GMAT examination.

1. Take regular tests

It is very important to keep practising and taking regular tests for being successful. Attempting regular test series will help you to determine your progress and will help you to improve every time. There are two official GMAT test series, you can also plan to take one in the beginning and to attempt the second one at last as this will surely help you to figure out your whole progress. 

2. Stimulate real testing conditions

Whenever you are attempting a test series, make sure that you try to create the real test like condition and do not take it casually. As many a time, we perform well in these tests but in real circumstances, examination pressure and nervousness thing does not turn out as they should have been. So, practicing in real test like condition will help you to score better in GMAT exams.  

3. Use them to determine your score not for learning concepts

It is very important for you to understand that you are attempting these GMAT test series for determining your score and analyse your preparation. You cannot use it to learn the concept rather this test series is the examination of the concepts you learn while preparing for the examination. Don’t get confused at all.

4. Keep an error log

You must maintain an error log when you are attempting a test series to understand your weak point. This will help you further to analyse which are the topics which require your more attention and practice to score better in the exam. 

5. Set your next goal 

As soon as you are done with the analysis of your test result set your next goal and try to hit that goal in the next attempt. These gradual steps and paced practice will help you to cover the whole syllabus as well as focus and improve all the weaker sections. 

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