How to start a 5 paragraph essay

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 9:35am

An essay takes the form of a narrative or an interesting piece of work in which the writer expresses themselves fully. This, therefore, means that the way you start your essay becomes very important. You should be able to catch and retain the attention of the reader. Even though there is no one specific way to begin, it is good to establish a few things right from the start. Give the reader an appetite to consider your work, then gradually draw them into the main body of the essay. All this should be done in the first part of your writing according to experts at accounting homework help. The following are useful tips on how to begin a five-paragraph essay:

  • Grab Attention

Each part of your essay is as important as the other. However, having attention grabbing sentence to begin your essay will do you a lot of good. Your target reader must find a reason to give your essay attention in the first place. Make your starting sentence like bait to draw the reader to the rest of your work. You do not have to crack your head to find this eye-catching sentence right from the beginning. Sometimes you can just do the rest of the work then come back with a relaxed mind to construct a befitting beginning.

  • Drag the Reader Along

Having a catchy sentence for a start is good enough to get the attention of the reader. However, you do not stop at that. Make the subsequent sentences equally influential and gradually draw your reader to the meat of your essay. Make sure that your catch does not lose their interest immediately after reading the second sentence. The way each line builds on the previous one determines whether or not one will keep reading.

  • State Your Purpose

Right for the beginning, the reader should be able to tell what your essay is about. This means that you need to be witty enough in your introduction. The bait of your work together with the main idea should be done in the first part. Even though you will not be able to exhaust the purpose of your writing in the first part, do not keep the reader clueless.

  • Give a Structure Outline

An outline does not have to be detailed especially in the case of a five paragraph essay. It is possible to do a sufficient outline in the form of a thesis statement. This will give the reader an idea of how you are planning to approach the rest of the work. This is one sure way to keep them interested since they already feel like they are part of your journey as you embark on the main body.

Final Remarks

Starting a five paragraph essay will require more wit for you to not only be brief but also adequate. Since you cannot afford to miss the mark as you begin, the tips above will be if great help to you. Make every college paper count in your grading.


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