How to Get Back into Academic Writing for University

Whether you are a mature student who has decided to pursue a university degree, or you're a sixth form or college leaver that's had a gap year, it can be hard going back into education. Everything you have been taught seems to have gone from your mind, or if you haven't been in education for years, everything can feel totally different. Laptops and keyboards have replaced pen and paper, and this can feel very overwhelming. Whether you've been out of education for one year or twenty, don't fret, there is plenty of help out there for you.

Computer Classes

If you are used to pen and paper and aren't up to date with technology, perhaps attending a computer class can help you come to terms with the basics. Universities and local councils offer computer classes for any age range and the teachers can show you anything you need in order to complete your academic writing on your own laptop. If you do not own a laptop, it may be worth purchasing one so that you can complete work from the comfort of your sofa with a coffee, much less stressful than sitting in a crowded library.

Academic Writing Workshops

All universities will offer some form of academic writing or essay writing workshop that students can book on and attend for free. You can usually find what is available on your student portal or platform. If you're unsure, ask a classmate, your lecturer or enquire in your university library, as this is often where they will be held.

If you have a deadline approaching and you have not yet got the hang of academic writing, perhaps look at using the essay writing service at Academic Paper, to ensure you hand in an essay up to standard. Not only will this ensure you get a good grade, but you can also look at how it was written for future reference. Using an essay writing service can prove to be of massive assistance for many students who are struggling.

Right Place, Right Time

This may seem like a given but often if we know we have a deadline, we can want to finish a piece of writing and have it finished as soon as possible. What we should do is write and stop when we are tired or out of ideas. Leaving it until the last minute means you don't have a choice but this will not produce your best work and you won't have time to get any feedback before submission. Complete work when you feel ready, do not rush yourself and before you know the writing will begin to flow. Clear an area just for university work with no distractions, no phone and no other webpages open except those relevant. All of this will help you concentrate and make that transition back into academic writing so much easier.

Following these simple tips can help you get started with your academic writing. Ask friends or peers for advice, and don't forget your personal tutor or lecturer is there to assist you in getting the best grade you can, so don't be afraid to ask for help.