High Five to Pupils of Buckfastleigh Primary School as they take part in entrepreneurial challenge 

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Posted Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 10:33pm

Buckfastleigh Primary School, in Buckfastleigh, Devon, recently partnered with charity organisation, Fiver Challenge, in order to help pupils to develop real-world skills including financial management and leadership. 

Groups of children from Reception through to Year 6 were challenged to design and create a product or service for a total of £5, gifted by the charity. Across a four-week period, pupils then had to create a logo, business name and sales pitch before selling their products and services at a fair last week, hosted by the school and attended by parents. 

The teams came up with a variety of different products within their £5 budgets, including painted tin cans with compost and seeds added to create unique plant pots, melted down wax crayons turned into small sculptures, homemade cakes and lemonade and key rings made from crisp wrappers. 

With involvement from the whole school, the atmosphere amongst pupils and staff was full of excitement and cooperation, as teams worked closely together to make the best product possible. 

Alongside the fun atmosphere, the challenge also served to develop a range of multidisciplinary key skills, including art, persuasive language, communication and problem-solving, whilst also developing confidence amongst the pupils. The pupils also learnt financial management skills through having to budget and learnt leadership skills as well as how to work together in a team. 

Jan Hillman, Headteacher at Buckfastleigh Primary School, said:

“I have been delighted to see the wonderful craftsmanship and huge amounts of initiative shown by all of our pupils as they took part in the Fiver Challenge. 

“We are all incredibly impressed at the fantastic teamwork shown by the school community and the fair was a great success, with staff and parents alike amazed at the work of our talented pupils. 

“A huge well done to all involved and thank you to Fiver Challenge for the opportunity to develop such key skills.”

At the end of the challenge once products have been sold, pupils repay their £5 pledges plus a 50p legacy contribution to the charity. With any profits made, the school will then decide how to use this to ensure that they benefit the entire pupil population.