Could lockdown be working wonders for your student budget?

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, March 9, 2021 - 6:40am

Most of the time, students are skint. Of course, we can’t make sweeping generalisations, but even students who work part-time jobs on the side of their studies don’t usually rake the money in, often relying on their student loans to see them through the semester.

Add to the low income the fact that there is so much that students can usually fritter their money away on (take out, wine, nights out, nights in, clothes, make-up, concert tickets – the list goes on) then the end result is almost always a skint student taking loans off the bank of mum and dad.

Of course, those social events and tantalising treats we usually spend our money on are currently out of bounds, so what do we do with all that money now?

The truth is lockdown v.3 is proving to be the most difficult one yet, but if you’re looking for a silver lining, let it be this – you could be saving hundreds of pounds in lockdown, and here’s how…

  1. What public transport?

If you were commuting into uni from home before the pandemic struck last year, then you were probably spending a good chunk of your money on busses, trains or even petrol.

With remote learning has come the unexpected benefit of no more commuting. That’s no more time spent behind the wheel, and no more money spent on getting from A to B.

It’s a big win for your finances!

  1. The pubs are shut!

It’s not something we’re happy about either, but the one good thing about bars, pubs and clubs being closed at the moment is that there really is no way you can talk yourself into a “quick one” after a hard day of studying.

The average student spends around £60 every week on boozing and partying, so when you do the maths, that a substantial amount you can save for something much more impressive than a shotting personal best!

  1. Free food anyone?

This may not be for everyone, but if you are looking to be extra thrifty whilst you spend lockdown in your student accommodation in Bolton, then why not take a visit to your flat mates cupboards.

Hear us out. We’re not suggesting you steal food from your pals, but if those you live with have chosen to go home to wait lockdown out with family, why not pop them a message to see if you can have some of their cupboard staples? The chances are that if they have left in a hurry, they won’t have thought about any perishables and really, you’re doing them a favour by preventing it going to waste!

Make the most out of lockdown v.3

Lockdown is hard and this one has been up there as the hardest yet, but if you can take solace in anything, those big savings should be it!

So, take the money you may have usually spent on transport, take out and alcohol and treat yourself to something to make your student accommodation in Bolton feel more like home. A blanket, some nice throw pillows, a lamp or even a new fancy bit of tech to see you through the boring nights during lockdown!


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