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Posted Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 5:44am

As a student of Exeter, if you want to pursue a career in content writing, you ought to know that this profile is filled with challenges and opportunities. There has been a constant demand for content writers, since forever. However, with the rise of the internet, this demand has only increased manifold. Saksham Das, who offers assignment Help Australia, says that most of the content writers become writers by accident.

Moreover, there aren’t many institutes or colleges that teach you all the nuance of content writing. Despite all of this, the career in content writing is incredibly competitive. Some excellent writers today earn anything from INR 1 lac to 3 lacper month. Further, there are several instances in which the successful writers even made a fortune out of this profession. Today you can also find full-time bloggers, who make over 10 lac per month with this profession.  

What is content writing?

Anabelle, who receives multiple requests from the students who want her to ‘do my programming homework; says that content writing involves writing content for everything. For instance, as a content writer, you could be writing content for: 

· websites

· emails

· advertisements

· newsletters

· brochures

· pamphlets

· research papers

· press releases

· blogs

· leaflets, and more. 

You might have also heard the term copywriting, which is majorly used for the writers who do creative writing such as the landing page content, ads, etc. Copywriting mainly is done to influence the behaviour of the reader and persuade him to take action. 

Sanjh Mehra, who receives requests from the students who come to her when they want to buy custom college essays, says that essay writing is also a prominent profession today. Under this, the writers make use of their professional expertise to help the students with academic essay writing assignments. 

As an Exeter student, can you become a content writer?

Well, the simple answer to this question is yes! There is no specific degree course for you to become a content writer. However, to become a full-time content writer, you need to be a post-graduate or a graduate at least. On the other hand, if you want to have an independent career in content writing, you can start irrespective of the education background. 

Moreover, you can be a content writer in any language that you feel most comfortable in. For instance, if you think, you can write well in French, you can be a French content writer. You can even apply for the post of the translator if you are bilingual.  

So, to become a content writer, all you have to do is brush up your language, and you are ready to get started. 

Scope of content writing

Honestly, as a career opportunity, content writing has a vast scope. So, here we’ll cover some broad categories of content writing, that are frequently demanded in the business. Being an Exeter student, you can pick up any field of content writing that you feel can get you most rewarded. 

SEO writing

It is perhaps the most common profile in content writing jobs. The work of the SEO content writer is to come up with quality content for article directories or guest posts. In SEO based writing, the most crucial aspect is the keyword density. And yes, if truth be told, this one is the most comfortable form of content writing. Mostly, in all SEO friendly articles, you’ll receive two requests from the clients:

1. Your content must be plagiarism free

2. There must be a few keywords inserted, here and there

Some clients even ignore some grammar mistakes, here and there. For beginners, this can be a perfect profile.

Social Media Content Writers

You will see that businesses post billions of pieces of content every day on their social media pages. These social media pages are used by the firms to generate visitors to their website. Thus, to produce good quality content, they hire professional writers who are capable of writing content which can fetch more visitors. So, if you are a social media writer, your job will be writing statuses, writing captions or creating content for images and infographics. Shambhavi, who is a freelance content writer also enrol for some online courses from the platform like TrumpLearning,  and says that this will boost up her learning. None the less, it pays well.  

Blog writing

There are over 2 million blogs written every day. In the coming future, this number is only going to grow further. As a result of this, there is a massive demand in the market for the blog writers. So, for Exeter students, this is the golden opportunity to make a career in the field of blog writing. Blog writers, like the other fields mentioned here, can either choose to work full time or work as part-time freelancers. 


 Now, copywriting is a more effective form of writing. In this, the job of the writer is to convince the reader to take action. The CTA could be-

· Clicking on a link

· Purchasing of a service or an item

· Subscribing to the channel or the newsletter, and more

However, to be a good copywriter, you must have the ability to create content that is crisp, sharp and compelling. A writer with a good understanding of the market and consumer behaviour can be a good copywriter. The compensation of a copywriter is usually high.  

General and Business Content

The content designed for business communication is business content. It could be content written for white papers, emails, training modules, coursework, website content, etc. On the other hand, the general content would include anything from the short stories to the songs, poems, resumes, adult content, etc. In this profile, your salary would majorly depend on your expertise and experience. 

Academic Writing

Sonam Ahuja, who works as a term paper writer, receives requests from students across the world who want to buy term paper online. She says that as an academic writer, her job is to help the students with their assignments and homework. It is a well-paying job, but the pre-requisites of it include having substantial knowledge of the academic field that you are helping the students with. 


Sangeeta Bijlani, who did an excellent SEO PowerSuite review tools based site, works as a Digital Marketer. She says, as an editor, it is necessary to have excellent command over the language. Editors not only have to proofread the content but also require the capability of examining whether or not the content written by the writer is good enough to meet the industry standards. Mostly, the compensation of the editor is high.  

So, as an Exeter student, these are some of the career paths that you can opt for as a content writer. Now, you have the option to take up this job full time or as a freelance career. Whatever you pick up, do ensure that you work hard to achieve your goals. Further, if you need any assistance in establishing yourself as a content writer in today’s competitive world, do let us know about your concerns in the comment section below. Be assured, our team of experts will try their best to help you out!  


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