10 Common Mistakes in Ph.D. Research Proposal Writing

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 6:16am

One of the most difficult academic papers is a Ph.D. research proposal. It’s a specific piece of writing. It is proposed by researchers who have some scientific project but lack the money. Therefore, they want to find an investor, clarify the proposal and get the money. Its main purpose is to convince potential investors that the project is profitable and realistic.

The task isn’t easy at all and some folks need online help. Thus, many students prefer paying someone from professional services for processing their requests like write my research proposal for Ph.D. application. Such platforms are able to perfectly cover a research proposal of any kind and in any discipline. However, it’s only one of the solutions, which are used when there is no other way out. We offer you another solution. Our guide highlights 10 common mistakes made in a Ph.D. research proposal. Sometimes, it’s necessary to know about the most probable mistakes to finish some project correctly. Let’s review and discuss those mistakes.

Failure to convince the funder

The most serious mistake of any research proposal is not to meet its main objective. Many students aren’t able to convince their funders that their project is worth a try. Their examples and explanations are vague. They lack evidence, guarantees, and perspectives. To convince your funder, you should meet three major goals:

  1. What you intend to do;
  2. Why you’re the best candidate to make the research;
  3. Why your proposition is worthy.

Failing the instructions

Always follow the official demands. Some students are either forgetful or inattentive. They ignore and omit vital instructions. As a result, they compose unstructured papers with no clear explanations.

Lack of clarity

Many writers compose hard to read and/or understand sentences. The paragraphs and sentences are too long. Moreover, they don’t contain straight to the point clarifications. They contain only vagueness.

Weak recommendations

It’s important to support your project with an adequate literature review. The funders don’t trust project, which lacks proper support. Students don’t offer credible information sources and some scientific proofs.

Budget issues

Obligatorily mention how many expenses must be made. Every business, scientific or marketing plan includes the necessary expenses to launch the project. Besides, it’s required to predict some unexpected spending of money. If you don’t mention this data, nobody will trust you.

Poor planning

If your project offers a poor plan or it’s absent, your project is doomed to fail. Your plan must include:

  • Budget;
  • Deadlines;
  • Materials;
  • Partnerships;
  • Suppliers;
  • Licenses;
  • Advertisement campaign;
  • Marketing planning, etc.
  • Weak plans miss some of these points and so, they are worthless.

Lack of supplementary materials

Every research proposal offers a plan, which includes all the necessary aspects for the launching of a project. Therefore, you must include materials that ensure the process. Many funders get cautious when they don’t see any supplementary materials. If you don’t name them, potential investors may think your proposal isn’t credible.

Sloppy presentation

Your funders expect a clear and interesting presentation. Do not let down their expectations. If a researcher isn’t self-confident or doesn’t possess the necessary information, it will be instantly spotted during the presentation. Such people make long pauses, contradict themselves, make misconceptions, don’t highlight the main guidelines of the project, etc.

Grammar errors

No one would like to read a piece of writing with multiple errors. It immediately shows how incompetent a person is. Your writing must be academic and so, you should give heed to the grammatical aspect. Unfortunately, many writers make too many mistakes. Their grammar is weak. They misspell the words, have problems with commas, and something of the kind. Obligatorily verify your grammar to be sure you don’t allow any errors.

Inappropriate vocabulary

Of course, the language you use in your project means a lot as well. Many writers use inappropriate words, which are not related to the theme of a paper. They misuse slang, professional terms, jargon, and so on. You should give heed to the stylistics and formatting of your text. Make it readable and use an adequate lexicon.

Always keep these points in your head if you write a research proposal. If you know them, you will definitely avoid any drawbacks. That’s the key to your success.


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