Who are La liga top scorers this season?

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Posted Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 6:34am

The season in La Liga is gradually coming to an end. Very soon we will know the name of the champion, but the owner of the Pichichi trophy is already quite obvious. If nothing changes, then the list of the la liga top scorers will once again be topped by Lionel Messi.

In the current season, the Argentinean once again proves that he has no equals in the world. Moreover, in many matches he almost single-handedly pulled off all Barcelona moments and took the whole game into his own hands. Of course, the partners trust Messi, and this is not surprising at all. In the current season, he scored a goal or assisted in almost every match. Moreover, the skills level of opponents didn’t really matter.

This is another proof that Messi simply does not have worthy competitors. After Cristiano Ronaldo left Primera, the rest of the players are simply unable to provide Messi with decent competition. This does not mean that La liga lacks top scorers among the top-class players, but they are far from Lionel. Among the pursuers of the Argentinean in the race for the Pichichi trophy are:




But none of them can boast stability. This is the main reason for such a convincing gap of Argentinean from his competitors.

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