Alex Frolov’s Venture From Moscow to the NHL: A Sports Journey

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Friday, June 28, 2024 - 9:18pm

Alexander Alexandrovich Frolov, or Alex as fans chant when he sweeps across the ice, traces his roots back to the chilly, bustling rinks of Moscow. His saga—one of grit, talent, and an everlasting passion for hockey—spirals from frosty local rinks to the dazzling lights of the NHL, reaching far corners of the globe.

"Born to skate," that's how Frolov puts it. His birthday? June 19, 1982, smack in the heart of Moscow. Even though his engineer parents didn't know a puck from a stick, young Alexander Frolov ventured towards the ice like a moth to a flame. He sharpened his skills at "Discovery," a local kids' hockey club, before hitting the big leagues at Spartak Moscow’s revered hockey school. "I just knew it, you know? Like, this is it for me," Frolov recalls, his eyes lighting up at the memory.

His big break came in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft—picked 20th overall by the Los Angeles Kings. But he didn’t rush overseas. Instead, Alex chose to stay back in Russia, polishing his game with Krylya Sovetov Moscow. Those years? Crucial. They laid the rugged groundwork for his dazzling NHL journey.

Alexander Frolov’s venture into the NHL was, frankly, spectacular. He nailed his first goal against the New York Rangers, and oh, how the crowd roared! That goal wasn't just a point on the board; it set the pace for a thrilling chapter in North America. He wasn’t just quick on his skates—his mind was also racing, always strategizing. Rising swiftly through the Kings’ ranks, he became the go-to guy, the forward you could count on when the chips were down.

But life threw a curveball—a knee injury in 2011 during a clash with the Anaheim Ducks. It was brutal. The kind that could bench a lesser man for good. But not Frolov. His fire for the game blazed hotter than ever. "It’s like a test, right? You either fold, or you lace up tighter," he said, and sure enough, he bounced back. Returning to Russia, he lit up the KHL with teams like Avangard Omsk and CSKA Moscow, pushing limits, defying odds.

But why stop there? Frolov’s thirst for the game took him even further—to Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, then Amur Khabarovsk, and all the way to the Daemun Killer Whales in South Korea. Each move was a stitch in the rich tapestry of his global hockey narrative, weaving through cultures, learning, teaching, and, most importantly, playing the sport he loves.

Off the rink, Alex Frolov's life is a tapestry of relationships and quiet moments with family, especially his daughter. He's reserved about his personal life but transparently energetic about coaching youthful players. Joining the ranks of countless former athletes turned coach, Frolov now wants to focus on teaching. 

Today, Alex Frolov remains as a transcending figure for his athletic ability as well as for his commitment to supporting the up and coming age of hockey ability. From player to tutor, his process is a demonstration of his well established love for hockey, a guide for hopeful competitors all over.

As Alexander Frolov's venture unfurls, on and off the ice, his account keeps on enthralling. It's something beyond a sports story — it's a narrative of persevering energy, flexibility, and a day to day existence committed to the round of hockey. Alex Frolov remains an enduring icon in the sport, bridging continents and cultures with his enduring spirit.


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