7 Great Tips to Dress Well

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Posted Friday, January 22, 2021 - 1:35pm

Your clothing is always working for you, it is up to you to decide whether it works for you or against you.

You need to make sure your clothing is working for you. The following tips will go a long way in helping you with that.

1.  Avoiding Loose-Fitting Clothes

Fit is a tricky area because it is subject to trends, but this doesn’t mean you have to wear skinny fit for everything. You should try your best to wear closer fitting clothes because they look best on short men.

The main idea behind wearing fitting clothes is to try and “trim the fat” from your clothing. This will involve;

Sleeves that aren’t going past the wrist

Pants not stacking on the shoes

Jackets that don’t go past the knees

Shirts that don’t look like a tent

When shopping for new clothes, keep this in mind. If you already have clothes that are loose, then consider taking them to the tailor so that they can be tailored to make them fit.

2.  Avoiding Oversized Details

This is an important tip for short and skinny guys. When garments are mass-manufactured, they tend to have details that are too big for short and skinny people.

You can get a good-looking oxford shirt that has a chest pocket that is too big for a slender guy. It can also be too low on the chest, making the person look even shorter.

You need to get clothes that have been specifically made for shorter men and avoid those that have extra details.

If you are shopping for a button-up shirt, then consider getting one that doesn’t come with a chest pocket. When buying a sport coat, go with those that don’t have elbow patches.

3.  Wearing Low Contrast Outfits

You have the freedom to wear your favorite colors and color combinations, which is why you need to take the advice with a grain of salt.

Wearing low contrast outfits can be a good idea because it is going to add visual height to your frame.

If you choose to wear a lighter colored shirt, then consider choosing colored pants as well

If you choose to wear darker colors, then you also need to choose darker colors for the entire outfit

Your focus should be avoiding start horizontal contracts between the bottom and top halves (e.g. wearing black pants and a white shirt).

4.  Choosing Small Scale Patterns

You will see many short men being advised to avoid clothes with horizontal stripes, but the direction of these stripes is not as much of a deal as the size.

Horizontal stripes are good, no matter your height. If you choose clothes with thick horizontal stripes, then it looks too big on you. This can even make you look shorter.

This is the case for any pattern. If you are wearing a clothe with vertical stripes, choose one that has thin stripes.

It is all about the details.

5.  Wearing Proportionate Accessories

This tip is a result of the overall size of the frame and not just the height. But it is still an important thing to keep in mind.

If you want to wear accessories like watches, ties, glasses, etc. then you need to choose something proportionate to your size.

If your wrists are 6” and you have a watch larger than 40mm, it will end up looking too big for your arm, and this will make you look skinny.

If you put on a 36mm watch it is going to look perfect.

Shorter men are always advised to choose small tie knots, but this is a one-size-fits-all solution that lacks nuance.

For a short man with a broad chest and thick neck, who prefers dress shirts with spread collars, a small tie knot like the Hour in Hand will be too small. The best option is the Half Windsor.

When choosing the right accessories, you need to remember about proportion.

6.  Avoiding Bulky Outwear

During the cold winter months, you will need to put on more layers of clothing.

You don’t need to put on many layers of clothes for most of the months of a year.

Putting on puffy, bulky, and oversized wear is not a good idea because it dwarfs shorter men, making a person look stockier and shorter than they are.

There is no need to put on many layers of clothes when a couple of insulating layers will work.

Choosing a Lightweight Down Jacket over the normal “puffer” jacket.

You should always look for a lightweight and thinner jacket or a wool topcoat, then layer it up with sweaters or vests.

These layered outfits should be enough to keep you warm in most climates. They are good enough for the winter, provided you remember your scarf, gloves, and hat.

7.  Wearing Height Boosting Shoes

This is another tip you need to take with a grain of salt. You can wear any type of shoes you want, but we never advise men to put on elevator shoes because they tend to be uncomfortable.

If you want a little boost (maybe you are going out on a date with someone wearing high heels), then there are types of shoes that come with thicker soles and heels.

The best option is a pair of boots. From dress Chelseas to work boots, they will add an extra inch or two to your height without the need for a special insole or lift.

Some types of sneakers are going to give you an inch or two of height. There are plenty of cool Nike Air Max trainers that will give you a lift. Look for those that have higher heels and thicker soles. Some good examples are “fashion” running sneakers and chunky tennis shoes.

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