Pass your MOT - The ultimate guide

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 9:19pm

Every year, thousands of cars fail their MOTs not for serious deficiencies but for simple things that most owners would be able to sort out themselves if only they had realised there was a potential issue. What checks on your car should you be making to ensure that it will not fail its MOT when you next book it in for one? Read on to find out.


Most motorists will not be able to repair their car's suspension but detecting a problem is not hard. If you find the ride has become stiff or the car has dropped from its usual position, then get it checked by professionals before your MOT. When the car makes a grinding noise as it passes over bumps, this can indicate a worn-out shock absorber.


Among the most common reasons for cars to fail their MOTs these days is a faulty bulb. You should check all of your lamps, not just your headlights, to make sure you pass. This means the rarely used fog light as well as you reversing lamp, one that many people seem to forget about.


If your brakes feel spongy then it could well be worth fitting new brake pads prior to your MOT. This is not a very difficult job if you are reasonably adept with car maintenance. Ask a local garage to inspect your brakes if you have any doubts about them, especially if they tend to squeal when you apply them.


It is amazing how many cars fail MOTs because of flat or balding tyres. Check the tread for signs of wear and replace any that are approaching the legal limit. Remember to pump your tyres up to the correct level every few thousand miles and certainly before you put your car in for an inspection. Not only will doing so mean you are more likely to pass your MOT but it will also mean being able to drive more efficiently.


You might not think that a car can fail an MOT for something like screenwash but a lack of it can cause a problem for the test technician. Make sure you have topped up recently and also ensure your car's wiper blades are in good condition. If you do not have the means to clear muck off your windscreen on the road, then your car will fail. This includes your rear wiper as well as the pair at the front, of course.

Once you have got all these basics sorted then head over to a credible garage to get your test taken. You can book your MOT Test with a few quick and easy steps at Direct London. Their expert staff will have you up and running within 45 minutes!

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