Is it time for a headlight restoration?

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 11:43am

Despite their prominence, headlights tend to be some of the most overlooked features of a vehicle. Many car owners fail to notice anything about their headlights beyond the fact that they are operational when it is dark outside. It is crucial to address and correct such a lack. Headlights are a vital safety component of a car; they should be as well cared for as the frame and the engine.

Have you observed that some vehicle headlights change over time? Their outer lenses begin to dull before they become yellow and foggy. When the cloudy effect reaches its peak, it slashes the efficacy of your headlights by up to 50 per cent. Now, not only will you have a hard time seeing properly, but other drivers will be equally unable to detect your presence. Such a drastic difference makes it hazardous to be on the road at night or in times of low visibility on the streets.

Foggy headlights are not uncommon. However, you may be more likely to ignore it even after you have detected the formation. There is a common assumption that it is simply a symptom of age, and any repair is unnecessary. That is a misconception. When they get to that stage, it is crucial to schedule a headlight restoration.

What is headlight restoration?

Headlight restoration is a service provided by some auto detailing technicians to eliminate the cloudy discolouration that forms on the lenses.

Car manufacturers use a material called polycarbonate plastic to make modern headlights. This plastic is durable and robust yet cost-effective to produce. It has gained favour because, unlike glass, which was previously used. Unfortunately, polycarbonate has one significant flaw. When the lenses are exposed to the air, particularly UV rays from the sun, they develop microscopic cracks upon which oxidation forms.

The more prolonged the exposure, the worse the coating gets. Thus the brightness of your headlights dims more and more.

When to seek headlight restoration

The best defence is a good offence. If you are proactive about monitoring the condition of your headlight lenses, you can arrest their deterioration by requesting that any discolouration is eliminated as soon as it is detected.

On the other hand, the foggy effect may form more gradually, and you only notice that something is amiss when you start struggling to see the road at night.

Conversely, if you purchase a used car, it may already have cloudy headlights.

You can use any of the above scenarios as indicators that it is time to book an appointment for headlight restoration.

Where do you go for headlight restoration service?

Your first option is to buy a do-it-yourself headlight kit before attempting to perform the restoration yourself. However, there are many pitfalls to taking this avenue; chief among them is the risk of causing some damage in your inexperience. It would also be a time-consuming endeavour with no guarantee of success.

The more viable alternative is to engage the services of a mobile car detailing company. Doing so avails you of the expertise of a skilled technician who is better suited to the task while taking less time to complete it. Furthermore, the premise of mobile detailing is that your service provider comes to you. Therefore, you get to remain in the comfort of your home while the professional sees to your vehicle.

Eliminate the risk to your safety on the road by having your headlights restored as soon as you can arrange it. Get in touch with your local mobile car detailer to get a complete overview of their services and book your appointment.


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