Volunteers thanked for their work to build safer communities

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Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - 11:20pm

Volunteers who give up their time to tackle crime in their communities and ensure police custody suites are up to standard have been thanked by Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Acting Chief Constable.

There was a record turn-out for the Police and Crime Commissioner’s volunteer thank-you event, held at Andy Hocking House at Middlemoor police headquarters on Monday, February 12.

In attendance were members of the Commissioner’s councillor advocate scheme, who work with neighbourhood policing teams to tackle issues in cities, towns and villages around the force area, independent custody volunteers who check custody units and other individuals who work with police for their communities.

Also in attendance were legally qualified misconduct panel chairs and independent misconduct panel members who are recruited and managed by the Commissioner.

After a question and answer session with Acting Chief Constable Jim Colwell a Commissioner’s Award was presented to community volunteer Ian Adams, for tirelessly supporting policing on the X social media platform using the handle @_IanAdams.

Commissioner Alison Hernandez said: “I established the councillor advocate scheme five years ago because I passionately believe police can only bear down effectively on the issues which matter to people by working effectively together.

“The scheme now has around 360 members around Devon and Cornwall, and delivered   some real results. Councillors have worked with me to reopen police stations, promote the support services I commission, run speedwatch schemes and access monies to improve feelings of security and wellbeing where they live.

“Independent custody volunteers are part of my programme of scrutiny, carrying out a crucial role for my office and the force, helping to reinforce confidence in police custody management, where they are my eyes and ears.

“It is always uplifting to bring them together for a short period each year to discuss their work and say thanks, from me and from our communities for whom these people work so hard.”

More information on Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner volunteering and paid roles can be found online atwww.devonandcornwall-pcc.gov.uk/take-part.

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