Use the budgeting advance contact number to claim your advance

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Posted Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 6:06am

Universal Credit is one of the most revolutionary systems started in the UK. With an aim to financially support the financially weak section, the message from the government is clear. It is looking towards maintaining a decent standard of life for every UK citizen. When you apply for Universal Credit it may take some time to be credited to your account. Under such circumstances, you can apply for a budgeting advance. You can find out more about this advance by calling the Budgeting advance contact number

Why is a budgeting advance important?

You might require the budgeting advance from your universal credit accoutn during situations of unpredicted expense. The advance will need to be repaid on a monthly basis. 

It takes around 12 months to repay the budgeting advance. You will not be eligible for the advance if you have not repaid a previous advance. 

What can you take a budgeting advance for?

A budgeting advance can be taken for the following purposes:

        Expenses related to maternity or travel to your home. 

        Abrupt expenses which include the death and funeral of a family member

        Expenses related to work such the purchase of uniforms. 

        Repairs can be made in your home using the budgeting advance. 

How apply for the advance?

The only way to apply for a budgeting advance is through a phone call. If you have not applied for a budgeting advance before you will need to ensure that you have enough savings to repay the advance. 

You might need to wait until you clear any debt you have before you can have an advance. 

Eligibility criteria for the budgeting advance

To be eligible to apply for the budgeting advance, it becomes important to note that you should have claimed either of the benefits for at least 6 months:

        Universal Credit

        Allowance for jobseeker

        Employment and Support allowance

        Support for income

        Credit for pension

The ceiling of earning is around 2,600 pounds in the last 6 months for the singles and around 3,600 pounds for the couples. 

 What is the limit to the budgeting advance? 

There is a limit to the budgeting advance that can be claimed. The minimum amount is close to £100. There is a large variation in terms of the advance depending upon certain criteria:



AMOUNT (in Pounds)










Depending upon your status, the amount of the budgeting advance varies. As we can see, if you are a couple with children, you can claim the maximum amount of £812. 

If you are in need of the budgeting advance you should call the budgeting advance number as soon as possible, as your application will take time to process.