The top spots in Exeter for a fashion shoot

Authored by Newshound
Posted Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 6:00am

Are you planning a fashion photo shoot and you want Exeter to serve as your backdrop?

Well, first off, you have picked a great place to be photographed in, or to host your photo shoot if you are going to be acting as the photographer rather than the model. This city has plenty of offer, from historical sites and gardens, to amazing architecture that speaks of the past and that can't be found anywhere else. 

But what are the very best spots in Exeter for a fashion photo shoot? Continue reading for a list that can help you find the ideal location to get the photos you are looking for.

Millers Crossing

If you are in search of a really neat bridge where you can host your fashion photo shoot and have a great natural backdrop with water, look no further than Millers Crossing. This area photographs beautifully by day and by night, provided that you have the right lighting equipment for when the sun goes down.
Rather than only shooting on the bridge itself, use the bridge as a backdrop if you'd like as well, as this could be a great way to add a different feel to some of the photos that you capture during your shoot. But whether you are on the bridge or near it, Millers Crossing is a well known landmark that is recognisable and will definitely add something special to your images.

Exeter Cathedral

Yet another prime destination in Exeter is Cathedral Church of St. Peter, which is also known as Exeter Cathedral. This Gothic structure dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries and features amazing weathered sculptures, a lovely nave, and Norman towers. It also has the biggest unbroken ceiling in Gothic structures of the world.
It really is a sight to behold against its lush green lawn, and there is plenty of space to take incredible photos, regardless of what style of fashion you are shooting. If you can gain permission to have your photo shoot inside, there are multiple areas that can serve as truly incredible backdrops. The history alone will make your photos breathtaking.

Northernhay Gardens

If you're in search of a unique and natural outdoor location for your fashion photo shoot, whether you're working for a professional company like or you're simply hoping to build your portfolio with new images of beautiful models in beautiful places, look no further than the Northernhay Gardens.

On top of being a great outdoor space with rich gardens that also boast great views of the surrounding area and city, this area is filled with history, including a Roman wall and Saxon town wall, as well as several monuments that double as pieces of artwork that are definitely worth photographing.

Exeter is filled with a variety of great areas that can serve as the perfect backdrops for any type of upcoming fashion photo shoot. Plan a long day, or several days of shooting, so you can explore multiple areas and make the most of this historic city.

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