Top five Advantages for selling via Online Auction

Authored by Amy_Helm
Posted Tuesday, December 22, 2020 - 2:23pm

Have you ever considered a different approach to selling your property or land? Whether you are selling residential, commercial, industrial property or land, with or without planning permission, then the online auction process offers an exciting and hassle free way to sell. Here are some highlights as to why this approach might be for you:

#1 Choose the date

Selling via online auction gives the vendor the flexibility of choosing a date and point in time that suits and thus provides certainty that the selling process will have completed when you want it to. Then you can move on to the next busy chapter in your life!

#2 Speedy Process

Online Auction is fast, certain and most importantly it is completely safe and secure for both sellers and buyers alike. Where the Auctioneer uses the traditional auction method, a sale is effective immediately at the end of the specified time period. Exchange occurs online, immediately if your agreed reserve is met or exceeded at the end of your chosen time period. The successful buyer is legally obliged to complete the sale of the property.

#3 A Wider Audience

Using the data base of your online auctioneer, your property will appeal to an audience of investors far and wide in parallel to the usual Rightmove / Zoopla exposure. This type of buyer is ready to purchase and will aim for a business approach to the acquisition – less likely to attract the ‘weekend hobby property shoppers’ that may slow proceedings down.

#4 Property Issues – no problem

Does your property have problems you were looking to rectify prior to sale? Auction buyers are less likely to be worried about outstanding issues with the property, more inclined to overlook required works. Your potential buyer may own a portfolio of properties and will therefore be well versed with property issues and how to create solutions.

#5 Set the Price      

Your property will not sell under the reserve price – set this at your required level. Having good communication with your Auctioneer prior to the auction is key, discussing the Guide Price and reserve.

Online Auction is seeing a positive increase and is becoming a popular way for buyers and vendors to purchase and sell. If you would like to speak to someone and see if your property would be suitable at auction, 247 Property Auctions is open 247! Visit the website for details 247 Property Auctions

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