Tips on making chores easier

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 10:36am

Life is no fairytale. How great it would be if only we had mice friends or elves to help us with our chores? In the real world, that vacuum cleaner won’t turn itself on. Those dishes won’t magically fly and wash themselves and neatly go back to the cupboard.

Sometimes, it feels ridiculous to do those petty chores when you have deadlines and projects piling up. Still, you can’t bring yourself to concentrate on that report you’re writing when you keep thinking about the mountainous pile of laundry you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Aside from the bills and rent, you also have to worry about things like laundry, cleaning, and that loud, thudding noise of the dishwasher basket you’ve been meaning to replace. All these while not having the time to go shopping because you’re a few days away from your deadline.

Before you lose your wits, take a look at these tips how to make your chores easier:

Be familiar with your routine

Primarily, you have to know what your daily routine is – from the first thing you do when you wake in the morning to the last thing you do before you sleep. From there, you would know which things you use every day and which things you would need to clean.


Everything is easier when you know exactly where to find what you’re looking for. That way, you won’t have to go diving into your laundry every time you look for your keys. Put everything you need in a place where you would easily find them in the morning. And put everything back where they should be when you’re done using them. It’s much better when everything has its own proper place. 

Make a schedule

Since everything is a cycle, it would be best if you had a schedule for everything. Plan your days – which day to do your laundry and when to buy groceries. Also, include a leisure day in your week or at least once a month so you don’t wear yourself out. You can go shopping, go to the spa, and have lunch with friends, whatever you please. 

Follow through

Having a schedule and not following through would be all for naught. You have to discipline yourself to stick to your schedule. In the event that something inevitable comes up, always make it a point to catch up. Once you get accustomed to your routine, those chores won’t be such a big deal. And since you have scheduled a time for everything, nothing gets piled up.

Take advantage of technology

There are a lot of new tech in the market. Appliances make our lives easier, so be in the look out for those that can prove useful to your routine. And since we’re in the digital era, you won’t have to worry about shopping as you can do it online. Not only that, if something breaks down and a part needs replacing it most probably is available online, too. 

Most people find it bothersome to do chores but nobody likes to live in a clutter. But because of technology, they are much easier to do. To most of us, our vacuum cleaners and dishwashers have become our best friends. If they would break down sometimes, we would feel like our world would come falling apart. So in case this happens, Spares2Youhas all kinds of spares and appliances available. They have excellent customer reviews and have a fast delivery rate. Check out their website to know more.

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