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Posted Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 11:58am

The UK has witnessed a wave of unprecedented change: school closures, work-from-home, self-isolation, supermarket stockpiling and increased pressure on hospitals. On the flipside, amongst uncertainty, fear and worry, the UK has also seen communities and businesses ​step up and show their solidarity like never before​. From NHS discounts to free online gym-classes, Yoopies, the largest online homecare platform in Europe, is also playing an integral role to encourage communities across the UK to help those that need it most. The platform has launched:

  • A new Elderly Care feature, “Community Assistance Covid 19”, to signify to families a caregivers’ willingness to do food shops and essential errands for those in periods of extended self-isolation.

  • A Volunteer Programme to offer free-childcare to NHS and essential service industries.

  • A new Tutoring feature, “School Support Covid 19”, to ensure parents are able to balance work-from-home and academic lessons for their children.

Community Solidarity:

CEO Benjamin Suchar comments “I am incredibly proud of our community spirit across Europe, and the power of technology to help people who need it most in the difficult weeks that lie ahead. I have been amazed at the lengths businesses have gone to, from big chains, such as Starbucks, offering NHS workers discounts to start-ups such as Nextdoor connecting neighbours to offer support. It is a real privilege to know that alongside the brilliant efforts of these businesses, Yoopies is also positively impacting those who need it most.”

Urgent Appeal to Help the Elderly and Most At-Risk Groups:

As the UK prepares for extended periods of isolation, Yoopies is urging the general public to help ensure ​at-risk groups and ​elderly individuals have access to food and essential items throughout the challenging weeks to come. The platform has released the new feature “Community Assistance Covid-19.”

The initiative comes as an online solution to match volunteers and helpers with elderly or at-risk groups in isolation. People in need can use the platform to organise essential errands to be done, without needing to travel far or come into physical contact with multiple people at the supermarket. Francesca Chong, UK Country Manager of Yoopies comments: “As older people and at-risk groups take necessary measures to protect themselves, we must make sure we do all we can to help the most vulnerable, without putting them at risk.” The platform also includes a “Companionship” feature in which people are able to match with older people to check-in via video call to combat loneliness.

Urgent Appeal to Help our Hospital Workers:

As schools close across Europe, Yoopies continues to contribute to efforts to help healthcare staff in public and private hospitals access last-minute childcare for free. Childcare providers can select “Willingness to volunteer during the Coronavirus Outbreak” to help ease increased pressure on hospital staff. Over 40,000 childcare providers have expressed their willingness to provide childcare on a voluntary basis across Europe with 5,000+ volunteers now mobilised across the UK. The registration form and more information can be found here:

School Closures: Yoopies launches School Support:

As families prepare to stay at home for the foreseeable future, Yoopies have introduced a new tutoring feature, “School Support Covid 19.” The feature assists parents balancing ‘work from home’ and now ‘school from home’ by connecting teachers and student tutors to help pupils with their academic work via video call.

Manual verifications are in place for caregivers signing up on Yoopies and all users receive instructions in preventative measures against spreading the virus. All users are able to opt-in to volunteer their services via the platform for families who are in need. Francesca Chong, UK Country Manager at Yoopies concludes “We want to ensure that people in periods of isolation don’t feel alone. We hope that the Yoopies platform will be a practical source for many people, alongside the fantastic efforts of other businesses and start-ups contributing positive change”.

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