Cygnet Theatre announces 2022 scholarships in partnership with The Stage

Cygnet Theatre is thrilled to be taking part in the 2022 scholarship scheme organised by national industry newspaper The Stage. 

The Stage Scholarships scheme has now been running for more than 30 years, but this is only the second time Cygnet Theatre has partnered with them to offer this fantastic opportunity to potential students. After a huge number of entries in 2021, we have decided to open the scholarship up to two potential students for a 50% scholarship, worth £3,750 each.

Cygnet’s training takes a learn-while-doing approach, giving live performances as an ensemble to paying audiences from term one. All students should expect to be part of at least one touring production and will work with multiple directors, both in-house and visiting. All students receive tutorials and group work as well as masterclasses with industry professionals.

“In future, when I am asked what an aspiring actor can do to advance their hopes of a career in live theatre, I shall recommend applying for a place at the Cygnet.”  Sir Ian McKellen

Most foundation students are offered the opportunity to continue into the second year if they wish, providing they meet the expected standard. Whether or not they choose to stay with Cygnet, Foundation students will have a solid grounding in acting technique as well as the chance to ‘test drive’ some other aspects of the industry including the basics of backstage and production work.

To apply, please visit

Deadline: May 30th 2022.

For those in and around Devon, you might like to come and see what we’re about in our summer festival this year, celebrating 40 years of Cygnet. 

Full details of the scholarship can be seen on The Stage’s website here:


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