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Sing for Fun: Forever Young still singing in Exeter - we are not a choir

Forever Young
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Posted Monday, September 30, 2019 - 9:55am

Isn't it fantastic that there are a number of singing groups in and around the Exeter area?

Is it any wonder that more people access a local singing group when singing is part of our popular tv culture eg., The X Factor, The Eurovision Song Contest, The Voice, Pop Idol, Fame Academy, Popstars, Over the Rainbow, Last Choir Standing, Any Dream Will Do, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, All Together Now ... to name but a few.

'Sing for Fun' began in Exeter January 2007 and named after the Bob Dylan song 'Forever Young' which ironically was the only song that was unfamiliar to those who came to the early sessions. Now in its thirteenth year, singers choose from over 700 incredible backing tracks. There have been many comments over the years (mostly positive!) and the most memorable is still ... 'Cheaper than therapy and more fun'.

Social singing, health and well-being : the links between singing and health are now formally studied eg. 'How the benefits of community singing and music can be made available on prescription'.  'The secret to happiness - how singing in a choir changed my life'.  Collective singing, such as in a choir, small group, or larger community gathering generates a positive group identity, as well as physical and psychological benefits.

So it's good to know that if you need somewhere to sing with others in Exeter, that are many options.

Forever Young Sing for Fun is not a choir, there are no rehearsals or public performances. We don't use microphones or sing solos. There are over 700 great backing tracks with singers choosing the songs to sing on the night.  The words are projected on the wall and everyone sings. No one should feel obliged to be really good and yet depending on who's there you may get this amazing sound. Of course we are biased, but sometimes, when you just listen, it sounds just fantastic. We meet at 7pm most Mondays and sing for two hours (St Sidwell's School, York Road, Exeter).  

If you want to join in - just turn up - first session is free for new singers, have a look at the website Forever Young Sing for Fun or for further details please email Forever Young. Hope to hear you soon.


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