Save your broken possessions this Christmas for UK's largest-ever repair café

Mary Youlden
Authored by Mary Youlden
Posted Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 11:42am

Devon’s residents are being urged to hang on to their broken possessions over the Christmas holidays so they can be fixed at what promises will be the largest repair café ever held.

The Big Fix 2020 will be held on Saturday February 15, and will see up to 109 repair cafes across the UK being held simultaneously.

The national event is being coordinated by Devon County Council and follows the success of The Big Fix last year when volunteers broke the record for the number of items repaired at a single repair café.

Both events are examples of Devon County Council’s commitment in ensuring that Devon becomes a net-zero county.

Repair Cafes are community events where skilled volunteer fixers donate their time once a month to help members of their local community and fix broken household objects.

Everything from sewing, electrical items, furniture repairs and mechanical issues can be covered for a small donation towards the costs of the Repair Café.

These are often items which people may not be able to afford to get fixed or not sure how to do it themselves and are brought back to life and saved from the bin.

Repair Cafes also have a second, equally valuable role as meeting places where anybody can sit down and have a chat.

Councillor Andrea Davis, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Waste said: 
“Climate concerns are causing more people to look at the way they live and ask what can I do to help the environment?

“One way is to recycle more, reuse more and repair more. Extending the life of a hairdryer, repairing a garment or upcycling a sofa is something everybody can do to help the environment. And it saves you money.

“Buying new every time something breaks or gets old simply isn’t sustainable.”

For more information click onto the Recycle Devon website


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