The Royal Clarence Fire: The Historical Loss & Survival

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Posted Monday, October 31, 2016 - 11:48pm

Exeter City Council is hosting an event on Saturday following the most destructive fire in the recent history of Exeter.

'The Royal Clarence Fire: The Historical Loss and Survival' is an opportunity to learn what has been lost of historical significance but also to discuss what has been miraculously saved.

Dr Todd Gray will outline the destruction of the Royal Clarence itself.

Three leading building specialists of Exeter (John Allan, Richard Parker abd John Thorp) will then outline the significance of the surrounding buildings.

These form an island of largely unappreciated medieval and later structures in the heart of the city.

A panel discussion will follow

The event runs from 11.30am-3pm on Saturday 5 November at the Barnfield Theatre in Exeter.

Further details can be found on Exeter City Council’s Facebook page.


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