High Paying Jobs in South West England

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 10:19am

The south-west of England is a thriving area of the country. There are some fantastic cities in the area, and if you happen to live there, you’ll have a wealth of employment opportunities to take advantage of. Now, everyone expects to find very well paid jobs in Bristol and other cities in the region. But what are the specific positions to look out for if you want to earn big. Here’s a short list…

General Practitioner

A General Practitioner position is undoubtedly one of the top-paying jobs in the UK, not just in the South West. On average, a GP will earn a colossal £114,438 per annum, which makes going to medical school more than worth the time. As a GP, you’re providing the public with a much-needed service, and as things stand, there’s a significant demand for more people to turn to the profession. General Practitioners also see their salary increase yearly, with close to a 40% rise based on year-on-year figures.

Care Home Manager

Sticking with the public services and care sector for the next entry on our list, care-home managers, like GPs, are well paid and in high demand right now. As a care home manager, an individual must be able to ensure high levels of service are there for residents, as well as their families. It’s a demanding role where it's crucial to adhere to strict protocol and regulations throughout, but in return, care-home managers can earn upwards of £200,000 per year.

Project Director

A project director is a person who oversees all areas of the job at hand. Therefore, like many other well-paying jobs, being a project manager comes with a lot of responsibility and, of course, pressure. In short, the person will be responsible for ensuring deadlines and targets are hit while overseeing the finances as well as managing the other people involved with the work. On average, in the south-west of England, a project manager can earn close to £75,000 per year. But their salary will likely rise based on experience and track record.

Head of IT

For many years, the IT section of a business has become even more significant to the success a company has. So, having a stellar head of IT overseeing the department is very much the way to go. Experience plays a crucial role when it comes to hiring for the position, as there are many complex systems and frameworks to get to grips with. As the demand for high-quality heads of IT continues to grow in the south-west, the salary on offer effectively grows with it, as you will expect. Therefore, a leader of IT can expect to earn upwards of £90,000 per year, and there will likely be bonuses on offer as well.

There are some fantastic high-paying jobs in the south-west of England, and if you've studied for a specific role or trade, or have experience working in one of the positions, you're much more likely to find yourself in a place to land it.

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