Exeter's unique singing sessions start again

Forever Young
Authored by Forever Young
Posted Saturday, January 6, 2018 - 12:12am

"Oh Monday, Monday (ba-da ba-da-da-da)." It's about the lousy feeling that comes with the end of the weekend and beginning of another workweek.

But ... Monday evening ... "Cheaper than therapy and more fun ..."

We are cranking up the machines, TCP'ing the larynx and since early 2007, Forever Young Sing for Fun in Exeter. Mondays 7-9pm at St Sidwell's School EX4 6PG.

We raise the roof and sing to brilliant backing music with the words projected on the wall. Why? Possibly because we are not a choir ... there are no auditions ... no rehearsals ... no microphones ... no need to read music ... no public performances ... no need to come every week [although many do] ... only pay £3:50 for 2 hours of fun ... each week singers choose which songs to sing ... very informal ... come and hear why, in 2018, we are in our twelfth year ...

For more info. email: for.everyoung@hotmail.co.uk and visit the website http://singforfun.yolasite.com

First session free for newbies ... Hope to hear you soon ... and may you stay forever young.


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