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Exeter Leisure launches innovative membership app

Exeter Leisure, which is part of Exeter City Council, has launched a number of innovative ways to get people in Exeter fitter than ever before.

The flexible membership option has been launched just in time for the reopening of Riverside Leisure Centre on 24 July, and the brand-new St Sidwell’s Point, which will open to the public later this year.

And the council has embraced technology with the development of a dedicated app and wearable tech, in the form of a wristband which provides access to facilities and allows the user to make payments.

The membership model ‘Exeter Leisure Choices’ is the first of its kind, and offers members the chance to adapt their membership, according to the type of activity that they want to participate in.

And Cllr Duncan Wood, Portfolio Holder for Leisure & Physical Activity, says that this membership model has customer wellbeing at its heart:  “Covid gave us the chance to really think about how people use technology – very quickly we learnt to stream our fitness programmes and classes online, and we developed the Exeter Leisure app. Things seemingly changed overnight, and this gave us the chance to think outside the box a bit more to develop this new type of membership; one which was built, customised and controlled by the customer not the club.”

Upon joining, members will have the opportunity to use any of the leisure centres in Exeter, but more than that, they’ll be able to tailor their membership. All customers will pay a base of £25 per month for the activity that they think they’ll do the most; for example, swimming or going to the gym. Once chosen, the membership can then be fully customised by adding on additional activities, such as classes, for just £5 per month extra.

The team at Exeter Leisure says that the dynamic ability of the membership allows the customer to adapt the membership to their lifestyle, rather than the other way around.

The introduction of this new membership model also gave Exeter Leisure the opportunity to invest in new technology, which means that members can seamlessly carry their membership details with them, with the use of a waterproof, wearable wristband. The wristband will allow entry through turnstiles, the ability to open and close lockers, facilitate payments and swipe into classes.

Cllr Wood continues: “In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers now, more than ever, want their workouts to work for them. This isn’t just about ‘getting fit’ anymore; it’s about improving overall wellbeing, spending time with family and friends, creating bonds within local communities and rebuilding the path to self-fulfilment. Exeter Leisure recognises that embracing this ‘new different’ has never been more important and through a progressive, innovation wellbeing solution, is putting the needs and wants of its customers, right at its heart.”

Customers can find out more about the above by searching for the ‘Exeter Leisure App’ on the Apple store or Google Play.

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