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Forever Young
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Posted Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 8:10am

There are many fine choirs in the Exeter area and some of our regulars are also members of the Exeter choirs.

Forever Young Sing for Fun - we are not a choir - started eleven years ago and continues most Monday evenings at St Sidwell's School, York Road, Exeter EX4 6PG. We don't have sessions in August and start again Monday 4th September. Two hours of fun, 7pm-9pm, £3.50 on the door.

People don't often talk about the downside of singing but a few years ago Chris Rowbury wrote something about it in his blog. We know about the health and social benefits but, apart from Chris, few mention the problems. Your health will be affected — Sore throats, (from singing and talking too much); bad back, (from standing too long); aching ribs, (from laughing too much), aching face (from smiling too much) and breathlessness (from singing, talking and laughing too much all at the same time) will only occur if singing to excess. If any of the above issues cause you concern then maybe singing for fun is not for you. Should a glimmer of interest be uncovered then wait until September and discover more on a Monday evening, visit our website or email: for.everyoung@hotmail.co.uk

At FY sing for fun there is no need to read music, no auditions, no microphones, no rehearsals and no public performances. Sing to backing music with the words projected on the wall. Choose from hundreds of backing tracks and sing about 30 songs on the night. A wide range of music including songs from Abba, The Beatles, Pavarotti, Adele, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Michel Buble, Elvis, Shania Twain and many more. We also have 2 socials each year when we eat, drink and sing (not always together). Sorry you have to wait until 4th September but don't forget that Exeter has many fine choirs.


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