Excellent Ways You Can Prepare Your Child For The Upcoming School Year

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 7:16am

Your child has been at home for the holidays. Now it is a few days to the upcoming school year. Probably, your child does not want to hear the idea of going back to school. How will you make them buy this idea without making them feel bad?

Telling your children that they will be going to school in the next few days without preparing them physically and mentally will leave them sad. Anyway, who wants to start waking up early when they have been used to waking up late? Think about how you will deal with your children's resilience and how to prepare them for the school year.

Now that you know preparing your children for the upcoming school year is important, how will you prepare them? Many people will give you ideas on preparing them, and some of these ideas might not be good. Below is an outline of some of the ways that can help you make your child ready for the upcoming school year.

  1. Talk About Going Back To School

The idea behind this is to make your kids look forward to the school re-opening day. Focus on the things done in school that make them excited. For instance, tell them about their friends and the games they play together or even their favorite teacher. Remind them of their favorite subject and how they are going to learn new things on this subject in the upcoming year. This will make your children not dwell on the exciting things that happened over the holiday. Instead, they will focus on what is going to happen in the upcoming school year.

  1. Get Your Kids The School Supplies That They Need

School uniforms, stationery, and lunch boxes are some of the supplies that you need to get. Involve your child in organizing these supplies. If there are some school supplies that you need to buy, tag your child along as you go shopping and let them choose what they want. Your child will look forward to using these supplies and hence not get sad about going back to school.

  1. Take Your Child For Their School’s Orientation Program

School orientation is always done before the school’s reopening date. The teachers for different classes are introduced during this orientation. This will make your children feel comfortable even with the new teachers.

Other students and maybe your child’s friends might also come for this program. The children will briefly meet, making them want to go back to school to spend more time together. If your child’s school does not offer a school orientation program, go with your children to school and meet with their new teachers.

  1. Start Changing Your Child’s Schedule

Now that your kids are on holiday, they are used to waking up late and sleeping late. Their meals are served late because they are not in a hurry to go to sleep. Maybe they watch cartoons all day because it is what makes them happy. Imagine them being in school and change the schedule to that which they observe when they are in school. For instance, encourage them to start using learning applications like KidSmart to read. Say bye to late-night meals and hello to early morning breakfast.

  1. Revive Friendships

Your children have been on holiday long enough to forget about their school friends and have made new ones. They do not want to be told that they will be leaving new friends and go back to school. Arrange a meeting with your child's school friends. For instance, you have the children play together one weekend before schools reopen. You can go further and invite their new teacher to the playing event. After the event is over, your children will go back home thinking about spending more time with their old friends and new teachers.

  1. Get Your Child To Think About Books

You are not a mathematics teacher to set up a few mathematical problems and make your children solve them. Anyway, they have been on holiday long enough to forget how these problems are solved. Several interesting novels may do wonders. Let your children choose their favorite novels and have them read them at least for an hour daily. You can suggest a good novel if they are having problems choosing the novels they want. They will not be reminded about solving mathematical problems, but their minds will wake up and get ready to be taught in the upcoming school year.

  1. Make Your Child Feel Better Than Their Stay-Home Sibling

You have a small child who stays with you at home while others go to school. Your school-going children wish that they were that child; at least they would have more time to play. Do not let this dwell in their minds, because if it does, they will be sad about the whole idea of going back to school. Tell them how advantaged they are and how you are looking forward to taking their younger sibling to school.

  1. Familiarize Your Child With The Changes That May Occur In The New School Year

Your child was in third grade, and now they are going to fourth grade. Tell them about how they will have a new playing ground and how they will be given homework every day. Let them know that they are big enough and they can walk themselves to school. In simple terms, try to make the changes look interesting to the child.

After a long holiday, many school-going children wish that the holiday was longer. At the end of the day, these children have to go to school and study. You need to prepare them mentally and physically; otherwise, they will be nervous during their first few days. Talk to them, make them meet with their old school friends, and introduce them to their new teacher. This will do wonders, and your child will be very excited about the new school year. Going to the new school will be a good idea if it is the first time your child is going to school.


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