Devon man wins silver for the UK at INBA Natural Bodybuilding World Championship

Devon based model and entrepreneur Ed Akay made his Men’s Physique bodybuilding competition aged 40 in May 2024, by mid June he had won silver medal for the UK at the INBA Natural Bodybuilding Championship in the Netherlands.

Ed was part of Team UK (organised by UKDFBA – UK Drug Free Bodybuilding) and competed in two categories, Physically Challenged (where he won silver) and Mens Master Physique over 40 where he held his own against very experienced competition. What makes this story even more unique is that Ed was the only competitor in the contest to compete in both a physically challenged contest (Ed is partially paralysed in his left foot due to a childhood illness) and an “able bodied contest”.

Ed and his trainer Matthew White of MW Strength and Performance have been working together for 4 years on a journey that started as a charity fitness challenge during lockdown to Ed resuming his modelling career aged then 37 and eventually appearing on over 60 magazine covers and now making the step to the international bodybuilding stage.

Matthew White (CEO of MW Strength & Performance) Says: “Sometimes you can run into destiny, Ed has done that pages over and it’s been a humbling experience in this book since chapter 1.”

Chris Honor (Founder of Honor Athletic, Ed's Clothing Sponsor) Says: “Ed’s passion and drive for overcoming challenges is a reason I work with people like Ed, who have an unrivalled mentality to overcome challenges and become forever stronger. It is testament to his and Matt's dedication and attention to detail that has been reflected in Ed's achievement so early in his bodybuilding career.”

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