Devon escapes UK-wide weather warning

Huw Oxburgh
Authored by Huw Oxburgh
Posted Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 11:59am

Devon and Cornwall will escape the worst of the weekend thunderstorms according to the latest reports from forecasters.

The news comes as the Exeter-based Met Office today lifted Saturday's yellow weather warning against heavy rain from the two counties that is on course for the rest of the England and Wales as well as large areas of Scotland and Ireland.

Despite forecasters lifting the warning the weather is unlikely to be pleasant with some heavy rain early in the morning becoming light rain with some sunny patches from around 10am onwards.

However elsewhere in the country is expected to be mired in heavy thunderstorms with the potential for localised flooding due to the intensity of these downpours.

At this stage, however, the location of the heaviest rainfall remains uncertain and may be updated closer to the weather event.


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