Can you help light up Fore St this Christmas?

Members of the Fore St Collective - a group of local independent traders based on Fore St and the West Quarter area of Exeter - are working hard to raise the profile of this part of town. Their first mission is to try and light up the street this Christmas. Here they talk about what their hopes are for Christmas...


"As you may know the Council has withdrawn funding for the Christmas lights down here and rather than just sit in the dark like the poor relations we thought 'let's do it ourselves'.


"The idea is to install individual Christmas trees with pretty lights on the fronts of all the buildings. The response from traders has been amazing, especially when you consider the recession and how tight things are at the moment. 


"The collective has procured the services of a local electrician, who is doing a great deal for them, and they are tracking down all the actual building owners for support as well.  For example South West land who own a whole block on Fore st are paying for the bulk of the cost asking only a small contribution from the business owners.


"Nevertheless they still need to raise more funds to help those who can't get the help from landlords. So what they’re asking is, would anyone else like to donate towards the costs?


"Any amount is appreciated and however small it will all go towards the Light up the West Quarter campaign 2012."


To donate something, please go to the Light Up Fore Street Christmas Campaign:


For more information on Community Engagement in Exeter visit

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