Be part of Crediton's new Community book store

The Book Shop on Crediton High Street took a big step towards a new social enterprise era on Saturday 17th November with the launch of the share issue to create Crediton Community Bookshop.   The enterprise has already gained outstanding support. Patrons have been announced as Dame Babette ColeMichael MorpurgoMal Peet and William Trevor. Speaking about them earlier this year, Michael Morpurgo said: "Every town needs a great book shop. Crediton has one. Long may it continue!"   The committee behind the initiative is full of plans to make this not just a book shop, more a hub for all things literate and literary in Crediton, Mid Devon, and possibly beyond.   They want to know more about what local people think the shop should provide, so please feed in your views and/or take part through Facebook.   Crediton Community Bookshop is a not-for-private-profit organisation formed earlier this year by the founder members to take over the existing Crediton High Street Book Shop, the owner of which is planning to retire.   The campaign is led by a group of individuals who believe that having an independent bookshop is important for their community. "We have got together and developed a Business Plan, which shows how the community could own and run the bookshop. There  have been two well-supported community events to explain what we hope to achieve and we have received and analysed more than 150 questionnaires sent out to the community to seek support."   In order for the bookshop to remain part of the Crediton High Street, they need to raise a significant amount of money. The Share Offer Document is part of their plan to raise that money. It explains how much they need to raise and why, while the Business Plan provides you with details of how the business will be managed.   The share offer is open between November 17th 2012 and February 28th 2013.   Any person over 16 is eligible to invest and to become a member of the Crediton Community Bookshop Ltd. Shares cost £20 per share. An individual may purchase more than one share up to a maximum of 1000 shares thus setting the maximum individual investment at £20,000. Each Member has one vote regardless of the number of shares purchased. Joint membership is not permissible but corporate membership is. Community Share application forms are available from the shop at 100 The High Street, Crediton. These must be completed and returned with payment to Crediton Community Bookshop Ltd. You may pay cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.   The address of the book shop premises is: 100 High Street, Crediton, Devon EX17 3LF   For further information, please visit
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