Active Devon To Deliver A Two Year Child Pedestrian Training Programme Across Devon

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Posted Monday, May 27, 2024 - 8:40am

Active Devon Launch 'Walkability', a Child Pedestrian Training Programme During Walk To School Week

Walking is good for children, families and their environment. A generation ago, 70% of primary school children walked to school – now it’s just over half*. To help reverse this trend, Active Devon is delighted to announce they are launching a two-year Child Pedestrian Training programme (CPT), to enable children to learn key pedestrian road safety rules.

Co-designed with teachers across Devon, the programme has been designed to offer support when it is most needed and when children begin to embark on independent travel and will be available to all primary schools across the Devon County Council area. The primary objective of the CPT course is to provide children with the knowledge, awareness, and practical skills necessary for safer pedestrian practices. It will integrate classroom learning with real-world experiences, empowering children to navigate their surroundings confidently and safely.

The CPT programme covers a range of essential road safety topics across a theory and practical session. Children will delve into understanding road signs and their meanings, mastering the Green Cross Code, navigating road crossings, identifying safe routes to cross, and always staying vigilant and aware.

Louise Marshall from Active Devon said: “Walk to School Week is the perfect time to announce our two year ‘Walkability’ programme. Walking to school is an important part of the Government’s active travel agenda and will help more children to become more active, resulting in health and environmental benefits for them, their families and the community.

“Many of us remember learning about the Green Cross Code when we were at school and this programme will deliver practical advice, through different scenarios and training, to enable children to feel confident when in and around traffic, and where possible, on that walk to and from the school gates.”

Once the school has booked, parents will receive letters outlining details of the Walkability training. After completion of the two-hour training which will initially target years 5 and 6, each child will take home a booklet sharing what has been taught to enable parents to continue the valuable learning experience at home.

Selected training days will take place throughout the summer, but the programme will be offered to schools from September. Schools interested in the training should complete a form. The form, along with more information can be on the website here: Introducing Devon's Walkability Child Pedestrian Training Programme.

Louise adds: “We hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg and we are able to widen the age group as we progress through the programme, enabling even more children to safe and confident around Devon’s roads.”

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