4 must-have handbags for the modern woman

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Monday, March 9, 2020 - 6:59am

Handbags play an essential role in every woman’s wardrobe. They are the most hardworking of accessories that you’ll ever need holding most of your prized possession. Much like the rest of the items in our closet, our handbags need to be functional and purposeful. The right handbags will ensure that you are well prepared for any occasion that may arise.

There is no limit to just how many handbags a woman may need for various reasons. Designer handbags cost a pretty penny and some can be quite large. If you go stocking on every brand, you will run out of storage space and eventually out of money. Research has found that the modern woman only needs 4 key handbags that will work for any occasion or situation.


If you only buy one handbag in your life, let it be the everyday handbag. It’s designed for frequent use and on those days you have a never-ending to-do list. This bag is tailored to take any basic outfit to a work of fashion. The size of this bag is perfect to fit all your essentials and some extras such as a spare pair of flat shoes. The choice of colour and texture of this handbag is selected within reason to be able to fit in a variety of situations.

A tote bag is a definite everyday bag. If you are serious about your designer bags, go for a Chloe tote bag that will serve you a lifetime and is a great investment. The leather in this handbag is excellent to hold strain and is easy to clean. Pick a tote bag that is large enough to carry your work essentials such as a laptop or some trainers for the gym after work. Make sure the interior of that bag is compartmentalized for easy storage.


In the ever-changing world of fashion, smart casual is a term that has become quite popular. This dress code calls for a polished yet relaxed outfit. Striking this particular look will need balance and most importantly the right kind of handbag. The smart-casual handbag is more of an off-duty handbag for the woman on the go who can easily grab a café latte and croissant without fear of spilling.

A structured cross-body bag is the best form of a smart casual handbag. This bag is incredibly chic, colorful with elaborate texture making sure you stand out from the crowd. The size is small just enough for your essentials such as your wallet, keys, phone and a small bottle of water. The straps are adjustable; you can either lengthen or shorten the handles depending on your body type.


For party wear, no outfit is complete without the perfect bag to accentuate the look. Depending on the type of evening you have planned out, a petite simple bag is the best choice. In case you are wearing a gown for a dinner gala, you will need a less bulky handbag that will not overshadow the dress.

For evening time, only a clutch bag will cut it. It’s the ideal bag for hitting the town on a pub crawl or attending a wedding. For colourful outfits, go for the classic clutch bag. It’s subtle and will not compete with the outfit. However, for the LBD, feel free to splurge on colour. Neon shades of orange and lime green will get you noticed everywhere you go.


A travelling bag is a must-have for every woman for that getaway weekend with the girls or a spur-of-the-moment sleepover with your sister. There is a huge variety of travelling bags in the market; the choice of identifying one depends on your taste and style. Key pointers to look for would be purchasing a bag that is durable yet light.

A quality travelling bag needs to be made of authentic material such as leather. Zippers, handles and the wheels have to be strong to stand the weight of the bag when packed. The interior space should be ample to accommodate all your belongings.


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