Birthday planning tips for your little princess

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, April 30, 2021 - 8:49am

Are you nervous about planning the upcoming birthday party for your little princess? Or maybe you have no idea how to start. 

We feel you. 

Planning any party can often be daunting. No wonder we always tend to feel overwhelmed while attempting to organise a "perfect party".

If your princess is under ten years or less, you have the extra burden of planning a safe, happy and successful party for young children guests who may be cranky or just plain unruly. Many questions will arise like:

  • Will you have enough food?
  • How will you keep track of all those kids?
  • What activities should you plan to keep the children busy, entertained and safe at the same time?

We understand your confusion. This is why we have written a detailed guide on planning the perfect party for your princess. Read on!


Before you begin, you need to consider a few important things. These are:

  • The Date: Take time to choose the birthday celebration date so that it doesn't clash with birthdays, anniversaries, school field trips of the guests. 
  • The budget: extravagant or simple - what kind of party are you looking to plan?
  • Party Location: Where will the party happen? (in a home, restaurant or rented place). 

Scheduling a Party

There are three major components to schedule a birthday party, and you should plan them in the following order:

  • Games/Activities
  • Food/Cake
  • Opening Presents

Note: Depending on timing, you can also start with food first before activities.

Remember: Children should not be expected to entertain themselves at a party.

So, you'd want to plan a schedule for activities and know what time each part of the event will begin and end. 

If you do not plan to have scheduled games or activities during every hour of the party, be sure there are activities and toys available. Also, make sure that all activities (structured or unstructured) are supervised.

If you have other young kids (2-4 yrs old), it is even okay to have all the young kids sit down and watch their favourite cartoon as a "game". 

Invitations & Gifts

Invitations can be as simple and inexpensive or as elaborate as your creativity and budget will allow.

A handwritten invitation made using crayons by your child is a great idea if your child is old enough to contribute. For this, you may spare your young child who would not like to sit monotonously at a table and colour 10 invitations.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Don't forget to include a map of your home or the location you are holding the party in the invitation to provide directions to the guests.
  • It is best to get your invitations out to guests at least a month in advance of the party to avoid conflict with other occasions.

Party Length

You may decide upon the length of your party based on the age of the children it is planned for.

A toddler's party should no longer go on for more than 2-hours, whereas a party for an 8-year-old may last for 3-4 hours, depending on the group's size and interests. 

Note: If you're planning to schedule a birthday party already at an amusement hub (bowling alley, ceramic shop, museum, etc.), the organisers will already have a standard duration for your birthday party 'package') All you will be required to do is get everything done by the kids within that time frame.

Final Word

It's important to ensure the above-stated factors for throwing a super-successful birthday party and seeing your little one smile just like cinderella!  

Want to widen that smile even more? Don't forget to buy amazing amazing birthday gifts for her, apart from all the above planning.


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