Exeter Cocktail Week organiser toasts a successful event

The second annual Exeter Cocktail Week concluded on Wednesday with resounding success, leaving attendees, organisers and bars alike thrilled with the week-long celebration of the city’s hospitality scene. From May 29th to June 5th, cocktail enthusiasts explored Exeter, enjoying exclusive cocktails created by local bartenders.

This year saw three new bars joining the lineup: Lloyds Lounge, Becketts, and Hubbox, enhancing the festival experience with their unique offerings. The full list of 14 participating venues was:

  • The Terrace

  • The Botanist

  • The Cocktail Club

  • Boom Battle Bar

  • Lloyd's Lounge

  • La Flamenca

  • Crocketts

  • The Bootlegger

  • Becketts

  • Hub Box

  • Cosy Club

  • Eat the Bird

  • Coolings

  • ●  Mangos

Over 43 cocktails were exclusively available to wristband holders, with more than 25 priced at just £5 each for wristband holders. Attendees also enjoyed a selection of showcase drinks featuring Devon-based brands such as Diamond Ape Vodka and Salcombe Gin as well as delicious no-alcohol options.

Attendees also got free access to a range of events that included complimentary buffets, cocktail making classes and cocktail tastings from Jagermeister, Italicus, Salcombe Gin even Thatchers Cider.

Festival organiser Gregor Sey shared, "I’m really happy with this year's Exeter Cocktail Week. The creativity of our city's bartenders was impressive, and it was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the unique cocktails and events. The festival is far from its final iteration and I look forward to building on what worked and fixing what didn’t for next time"

The festival attracted 800 people to the city centre, with a large number of people travelling to Exeter specifically for the festival from as far away as Bristol, Exmouth and Plymouth.

Attendees sipped and sampled more than 5000 cocktails during the week, but the festival wants to get more local brands featured on the menus, with Sey adding “I’m calling on producers and brands in the Devon area to get in touch and get involved, attendees are looking to try something new and I know we can do a better job of showcasing what this region has to offer”.

During the festival, attendees were prompted to make notes in their festival guidebook and are now voting for their favourites ahead of the Cocktail of the Year awards where the bartender who created the cocktail wins a gold-plated cocktail jigger and priceless bragging rights, as the creators of Exeter’s cocktail of the year.

Mathew Jarrat of Boom Battle Bar said “Cocktail week is so important to the city and to us a venue, as it allows our awesome bartenders to showcase their creative talents and really showcase Exeter's hospitality offering.

"I always enjoy working alongside the Exeter Cocktail Week team as they are as passionate about cocktails as they are professional in delivering a fantastic week-long offering. Looking forward to planning next year's drinks and parties already!”

Harley Gonzales, GM of Hub Box shared: “Exeter Cocktail Week was a great success for us! It’s the first year we have taken part and we saw a significant increase in our wet sales, as well as welcoming new guests to our restaurant.”

Exeter Cocktail Week is set to return next year with dates due to be announced in the coming weeks. Those interested in attending next time are advised to join the waiting list at execw.com/2025 to get first access to discounted early-bird wristbands.

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