Reach for the Skies: Jen takes one giant leap for Hospiscare

Skydiving is the sort of activity many of us dream about. But how many of us get the opportunity to actually do it? And how many of us would be brave enough to go through with it if we did?

Jen Beckenham is one such person: bold enough to throw herself out of a plane into the middle of the sky, near the roof of the world. And this proved a real stroke of luck for well-regarded Exeter-based charity Hospiscare, and for Jen herself, who had a very enjoyable experience which she is certain never to forget.

“The skydive was one of the best experiences of my life,” Jen now says, with absolute certainty. “I loved every minute of it. It was something I would definitely recommend people get involved with.”

She admits to some understandable last-minute nerves, however. “The night before and when we were going up in the plane was when I was at my most nervous,” Jen says. “I felt a little bit sick.”

But these feelings soon vanished. “Everyone at the skydive centre was so friendly so it made it all the better… (The jump itself) was so exhilarating… once it was over I wanted to go straight back up and do it all again!”

Indeed, Jen is hoping for a repeat and already planning another jump next year.

As Jen explains, in supporting Hospiscare she is very much following an established family tradition. “When I was 13, I used to volunteer in one of the charity shops,” Jen says. “My mum Caroline currently works as a nurse and my stepdad Peter is involved in the Hospiscare Lottery and is a Volunteer Care Navigator. They are always getting involved with sponsored walks and other Hospiscare fundraising events. I was a steward on the Men’s Walk this year and, of course, also did the skydive.”

The jump Jen took part in was 15,000ft and eventually took place on Wednesday July 5th, after being postponed several times due to adverse weather conditions. She is still collecting sponsorship money now but is looking to raise around £1,700 in much needed funds for Hospiscare.

Jen’s, Caroline’s and Peter’s support for Hospiscare demonstrates what can be achieved by a family collectively volunteering or working for a charity. Great progress can be made which will ultimately end up benefiting many patients with their end of life care and also help provide invaluable support for their families and friends.

To find out more about doing a skydive for Hospiscare call Tom today on 01392 688093
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If you want to have a chat about you or your family volunteering for Hospiscare, please call 01392 688005 or email

Hospiscare is a local charity, providing free, high quality care and support to people with a progressive life-limiting illness, and those close to them in Exeter, Mid and East Devon. Please call 01392 688068 for more information.