£10,000 boost for bereavement charity

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Posted Sunday, March 27, 2022 - 11:56pm

A local charity that supports bereaved children, young people and their families following the death of a loved one has received a £10,000 donation from the operators of Bodmin, Exeter and Devon, Weston, and Mendip crematoria.

The Crematorium and Memorial Group (CMG), part of Dignity, were able to make the donation to Grief Encounter, South West due to the crematoria’s participation in a nationwide metal recycling scheme administered by the Association of Private Crematoria and Cemeteries. The scheme sees metals that have been recovered from the cremation process recycled, with the express consent of bereaved families, and all the profits donated to charity.

Deborah James, Business Leader at Dignity said: “We are delighted to help fund Grief Encounters vital activities to ensure that children and their families in our local communities, receive the support they need.

“The metal recycling scheme that has allowed us to make this donation – and donations to charities across the country – involves separating any metal joints from the deceased as part of the cremation process, which are then recycled and used for alternative purposes. Any resulting profit is transferred directly to a registered charity nominated by the crematorium operator.”

Grief Encounter South West provides a variety of free bereavement support services to young people. They work with individuals, families, schools, and professionals to offer services including, one-to-one counselling, music, art and drama therapy, and accredited training courses in bereavement support for professionals.

Fundraising Manager at Grief Encounter, Hannah Wozniak, said: “We are very grateful for the £10,000 donation, which has made such a huge impact on our charity. The effect of Covid 19 meant that unfortunately, the demand for our services has increased fourfold but as we were unable to run any of our fundraising events our finances suffered. The donation from the crematoria has given us vital funds needed to ensure the security of our services to local bereaved young people and their families.”

To find out more about the Crematorium and Memorial Group visit www.dignityfunerals.co.uk

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