Confidence-boosting hair advice, by Ellie Winkler

A hairdresser’s ultimate responsibility is to ensure that a trusting client leaves the salon feeling pampered and special with their esteem reinforced. On top of this, clients should also leave their salon having been educated about their hair, how it fits into their lifestyle and, all importantly, how to recreate their style at home.

A great hairstyle can make you feel empowered, sophisticated and perfectly turned out. Hair can be sexy, glamorous and fun. It can also be the finishing touch to your armour for the world.

In Exeter we wear many 'hats' – we are the outdoorsy, moor-stomping, country types as well as the beach and surfy types. We are also city-loving, trend-setting and well-turned-out shopping types, and that is just at the weekends! In our daily lives we try hard to look good and feel confident. Gone are the days where Exeter was a sleepy Devon city with a very small “c”, it is now a thriving, affluent and happening place to be. We have a city with great places to eat, be entertained and spend our leisure time in and as Exonians the need to look the best that we can is being so quickly catered for, keeping up is the only problem we face.

Professional hair care for our multi-faceted hair is one of the creative outlets and leisure time activities that tops the list.  Not only is it a necessity, it is also a pampering treat and is such fun.  Keeping up with trends and being able to experiment and change our hair is important for us all. Amazing inspiration and ideas come from London Fashion week, which recently took place.

London style is world famous and the hottest hair for autumn 2012 was seen at London Fashion Week at the beginning of this year. More great styles for Spring 2013 have also been seen at the recent London Fashion Week in September. The great news is that both the autumn and spring collections displayed many similarities in the hair department and with this in mind we can safely say that your next hairstyle should not only be cutting-edge trendy but will also last at least two seasons.

This season we have seen ponytails featuring heavily. Current styles have seen both sleek, smooth, shiny hair with silky swinging ponytails and also messy undone casual ponytails with loose halo-like wisps softening the perimeters and faces of the models.  Partings, which were a key theme last season, have again featured heavily, albeit that some have been exaggerated.  On trend partings are either central and sophisticated or deep and edgy. The fringe has also remained as a key hairstyle feature, some mastered and created with clips, chignon's, hair pieces and others cut in. Hair can be worn up or down to suit, it can be loose and casual or sharp and styled with a Chignon for a more professional look and feel.

When it comes to colour Omber or dip-dyed lengths have yet again shone. The great beauty of this trend is that it is so adaptable and fun and it allows you to be as subtle or flash as your fashion whim takes you.  Beautiful sun streaked blondes can be honeyed and emphasised through the lengths and ends of hair and dark hair can be toned and coppered or warmed to shimmer giving the hair a new depth. Dip-dying also allows you to stretch out natural root colour and add endless options of textured highlights.  This look can also be used on short hair, adding chunkiness and definition.

The standout feature from the current autumn and upcoming spring season is that there has been no definitive cut or length. Hair has been polished and super sleek, wisped and whimsical, long and loose, and short and fierce. The great news for us this season is that there are numerous on trend styles that are extremely versatile and adaptable which we can easily recreate ourselves.  Hair can be worn up or down to suit, it can be loose and casual or sharp and styled for a more professional look and feel.

Once your stylist has given you a great cut and colour the only limit is your own imagination.  Check out some of the London Fashion Week looks or see the Saks Artteam blog for details of their styling for the designers at


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