How DDC Solutions is Redefining BIM Consultancy in the UK Construction Industry
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Posted Monday, June 10, 2024 - 7:02am

DDC Solutions has redefined BIM consulting services by shifting the focus again on making project delivery for AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industries time and cost-efficient. With the advent of BIM (Building Information Modelling), the AEC industry has undergone a rapid transformation. However, the focus shifted towards on meeting BIM acronyms while the original objective of making project delivery efficient was lost somewhere in the background.  

Jimi Clarke was the first to identify this widening gap. Being one of the pioneering forces behind BIM, Jimi stepped in and bridged this gap through tailored BIM consulting services focused not only on ensuring compliance with complex BIM standards but also on making project delivery efficient in terms of costs and time. DDC Solutions’ efforts have been acknowledged by various national and international firms. We have made it to the coveted Elite Business’s 100 Top SME Businesses list in 2023 and 2024 respectively.  

Now, let’s have a quick peep into DDC Solutions’ revolutionary approach to BIM consulting services.  

Digital Workflows and Information Management

Seamless Information Flow 

One of the primary ways DDC Solutions is redefining BIM consultancy is by ensuring a seamless flow of information across all stages of a construction project. To achieve the project's overall objectives, it is imperative to establish digital workflows that enable the collection, management, and dissemination of data.

By streamlining data flow, DDC ensures that all stakeholders have access to updated information across the project lifecycle. This holistic approach to information management ensures cost reduction and waste minimization. The UK-based BIM consultants at DDC Solutions ensure that your processes are digitized in a manner that is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible.   

Detailed Planning & Precise Execution 

As mentioned above, the focus here in DDC Solutions is less on meeting acronyms and making your project cost and time-efficient. Therefore, they have harnessed the power of BIM to empower us to do detailed planning and precise execution to significantly reduce the likelihood of costly errors, delays, and waste. By empowering their clients with a clear digital representation of projects, DDC empowers stakeholders to avoid clashes and issues in the early stages. This way, DDC Solutions not only saves money for its clients but also plays a vital role in protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of construction activities.  

Improving Risk Management 

BIM has played a significant role in improving risk management and DDC Solutions has only made it better. DDC experts use BIM to provide detailed data to predict potential risks and mitigate them. Also, it empowers the stakeholders to make informed decisions by giving them access to detailed information at every stage of the project.  

Customized BIM Execution 

BIM Execution Plans (BEP) 

A critical component of DDC Solutions' strategy is the development and implementation of BIM Execution Plans (BEP). BIM consultants at DDC Solutions use these BEPs to define how BIM processes will be carried out and implemented on a project. Likewise, these BEPs are used to detail the roles and responsibilities of different members. Additionally, BEPs define the standards to be followed throughout the project lifecycle and the deliverables required from each team member.  

Responsibility Matrices and ISO-19650 Standards 

Compliance with stringent ISO-19650 standards is not a choice but a necessity. DDC Solutions, through its bespoke BIM consulting services, ensures adherence to ISO-19650 standards while working on your project. This compliance ensures that your practice is in line with international best practices, making you the preferred choice for new projects.  

Asset Information Requirement (AIR) and COBie 

DDC Solutions places significant emphasis on the creation and management of Asset Information Requirements (AIR) and Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) data. Who would know better than you that AIR specifies the information needed for the management of different types of assets, while COBie provides facilities management data necessary for the operation and maintenance of buildings?  

Training and Support 

DDC Solutions’ approach to BIM consulting services entails providing training and support for project teams. It ensures that your team acquires hands-on experience in contemporary BIM practices. DDC equips your team with the latest BIM knowledge and training to ensure that not only your existing project meets the highest standards but also that your team aces future BIM projects with the same efficiency.  

Long-Term Asset Management 

Being pioneers in BIM, DDC thoroughly understands the impact of BIM on long-term asset management. By capturing data efficiently throughout the project lifecycle, DDC and its BIM consultants ensure that you have access to all the information you need to manage and maintain buildings or infrastructure effectively. DDC’s long-term asset management includes everything – from warranty information to maintenance schedules and from operational data to facility management. Additionally, asset management comes in handy in optimizing building performance over the years.  

Summing up, DDC Solutions has emerged as a breath of fresh air in the UK’s construction industry as it re-shifted the focus on making project delivery efficient through the effective use of digital solutions. Owing to the very same reason, it has won several accolades and the trust of major players such as Higgins Partnerships.  


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