What you need to know about retirement villages

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Posted Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 9:54pm

Retirement is an opportunity for individuals to engage in their hobbies and interests, spend more time socialising with loved ones and dedicate extra time to their health. Whether you're a recent retiree or a family member researching retirement villages Devon for a relative; this is a great alternative to care homes, with an emphasis on supporting independent living and freedom.

Retirement villages provide:

  • A high standard of accommodation tailored to support each resident's health and safety needs.
  • Multiple social opportunities and activities to encourage residents to engage in village life.
  • A range of care options to suit each person's needs.
  • The freedom to leave the village should they wish.

Further to the last point, most retirement villages pride themselves on supporting its resident’s freedom. However, there are exceptions, for instance, if the retirement village is exclusively for residents with dementia. The retirees will be taken care of within the village for their own health and safety. 


Retirement villages offer the same amenities you would expect in any other village in the UK. Such as a convenience store, a hair and beauty salon, swimming pool and leisure centre. Plus a bar and restaurant, transport services to and from local attractions, and plenty of social events. Therefore, whether running errands, exercising or socialising, a retirement village provides residents with facilities to use nearby, in a safe community, thus enabling its occupants to lead rich, fulfilling lives. 


There is a selection of housing available for new residents to lease or rent. The accommodation options vary from apartments to large houses, and are tailored to suit the individual's needs. A retirement village extracts the essential and desirable elements found in care homes, by providing residents privacy and support with the bonus of local facilities and social areas. 

A distinct difference between care homes and residential villages is the village is usually not gated. Which means, residents have the freedom to use the village transport services to travel to their local town and visit their family if they wish.

Happiness and Wellbeing

Other advantages of retirement village living is the effort made to boost the comfort, health and happiness of its residents. Here are a few examples:

  • Guests, such as friends and family members are welcome to visit at any time.
  • Pets are allowed to stay with their owners.
  • As mentioned above, there are various social events throughout the year for newcomers to ease into their new life and make new friends. 
  • 24-hour emergency care is available to ensure residents health, safety and wellbeing is nurtured and protected.

Retirement Village Overview

A retirement village is a secure community for people to maintain their independence, with the option to choose from a variety of housing and care packages to suit their individual needs. Plus an abundance of social activities to join in and, of course, around the clock emergency health care when needed. 

To find a retirement village that is right for you or your loved one, browse options online and book an appointment to visit the village communities that you like the most.