What to do with used moving boxes after a move

Mary Youlden
Authored by Mary Youlden
Posted Monday, May 23, 2022 - 5:10pm

When relocating to a new place, you need several packing supplies. One of the most used packing materials you need is moving boxes. You need to get several moving boxes to ensure you pack all your items. 

Even if you have recruited NYC movers to help you pack and move, moving requires numerous boxes. But once you have unpacked your items, you need to know what to do with them. 

Luckily, there are several options you can consider when you are done with the boxes. For example, you can give them away or re-purpose them. Below are some ideas you can decide to do with the moving boxes after moving. 

10 Tips for Used Moving Boxes

1. Re-purpose and Reuse them

After unpacking your belongings, the moving boxes can be reused or re-purposed. So, if you had invested in high-quality boxes, you do not want to throw them away. 

You can use them to store some of your belongings such as clothing and décor or re-purpose them in other ways. For instance, large boxes are good for storing things that are not regularly used. 

2. Keep them for future use

Another option is to keep your high-quality boxes for future use. This will help you save money during your next move, or you can use them whenever a need arises. 

Since they may take up a lot of space, the best strategy is to break them down to be flat. But make sure you do not break them well to avoid damaging them. All you need to do is tape them again if a need arises, and you are good to go. 

3. Give them to neighbors

If you feel you might not be moving anytime soon, the best option is to give them to people who need them. Luckily, you may find several interested neighbors. 

If you have moved to an apartment, you can ask the management to let people know you have moving boxes you are willing to give for free. There are also several sites and apps where you can inform your neighbors about the moving boxes and your aim.  

4. Give them to your friends 

Apart from your neighbors, you can give them to your friends. If you have a friend planning to relocate soon, you can help them out. Also, you can create a post on social media sites such as Facebook to inform your friends about your intention. 

5. Donate to charity


The option is to donate the moving boxes to charity. Happily, many non-profit organizations are looking for moving boxes. The boxes will help them store some of their items, or they can use them when moving items. 

6. Sell the boxes

If the boxes are of high quality, you can sell them to get some of your investment money. You can sell the boxes that are in good condition at a discount. Many people are looking for free or affordable moving boxes and other supplies. 

You can print posters or advertise them online. Nextdoor, Facebook and Craigslist are good places to advertise. Also, several companies specialize in selling moving boxes. Check with them to see if you can sell the boxes to them. 

7. Recycle

If you have used cardboard boxes, they can be recycled. Happily, recycling the boxes is great for the environment. Hence, do not dispose of the boxes the wrong way. 

You can keep them outside to be picked up by the community recycling team. However, check their guidelines and how the process should be done. There are some boxes that the recycling service might not accept. 

For instance, large quantities might not be accepted. Therefore, you need to check with them to ensure the moving boxes can be recycled. You can also drive to the recycling center and drop off the boxes to them. 

Ensure the boxes are clean and then flatten them before taking them to the local recycling center. This will make it easier to transport and recycle them. 

8. Use them for DIY projects

If you have no friends who are moving anytime soon and do not want to sell the boxes, the other great option is to use them for DIY projects. 

Some of the projects you can consider are gift-wrapping, frame mountings, and floor protection. 

9. Use the boxes in the garden

If you have moved to a new home with a garden, you can use the boxes when working in the yard. You can use them for simple tasks such as kneeling down or as self-recycling bins for the compost. 

10. Ask the moving company to buy the unused boxes

Another great way to get rid of used boxes is to sell them to your movers. Most moving companies are willing to buy moving boxes in good condition. 

So, once you are done unpacking, contact your movers and ask them if they can purchase the unused boxes. The movers' companies purchase unused and gently used boxes in many cases. 


Many people do not know what to do with the huge piles of cardboard boxes after moving. But with the above tips, you can easily dispose of the moving boxes. 

It is also a good idea to plan your move before you start the process. Ensure you have engaged reliable movers such as NYC movers, purchased the moving materials on time, and you know the best way to dispose of the moving boxes. This will ensure you have a smooth and stress-free moving process. 


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