Wall art ideas for sport lovers

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - 2:03am

Most sports lovers are passionate about their favorite sports, teams, and players. They always find a way to show this off in their dressing, stickers on cars, logos on doors, etc. But do you know you can rep your team or sports in your home décor and interior design? 

You can add several creative and beautiful ways to integrate your love for sports into your home décor. Consider using suitable sports-themed wall art. There are several ideas and concepts you can use. 

Are you unsure about the sports-themed artwork suitable for your wall space? We'll help you get some ideas: 

  1. Sport logos 

Every sport has iconic logos. It can be the logos of a particular competition, clubs, or the overall sports. Most of these logos are beautiful, and they will form a good base for your wall art. 

You can use a single logo as a large print. Alternatively, you can use multiple logos from similar or different sports. 

  1. Sports’ team iconic images 

If you are a sports lover, there is a high probability that you would have a favorite team. Each team has iconic images with significance in the team’s history or present representation. You can fix one or more of these images on your walls.

The exciting thing about this option is the fact that there are several iconic moments for every team. All you need to identify is a suitable one that flows well with the concept of your existing décor. 

  1. Favorite sports player 

Everyone has favorite players in their preferred sports. Many times, our choice of players tells a lot about our bias in the game. You can use your favorite player as the base of your preferred artwork. The player can be a legend of the team or sport itself. 

In some cases, you can use the picture of the entire team. 

  1. Sports iconic moments 

There are several iconic moments in the history of various sports. You can integrate these concepts into wall art and interior designs. These can include your team winning or celebrating a trophy win, triumph in competitions, etc. 

  1. Sports kits and materials 

Using various sports kits and materials as wall art is another way to go. It can be a framed kit or jersey of your favorite teams. Other materials can include balls, boots, bats, etc. Images of these kits and materials can form suitable artwork that will suit your interior décor. 

  1. Sport quotes 

There are several sports quotes from notable icons. Most of these quotes are inspirational and motivational. It is usually born out of a pure passion for sports and commitment to achieve. You can pick wall art inspiration from these quotes. 

The quotes can be general about sports or from iconic sports players. 


Sports lovers are known to be passionate about their favorite sports and team. And they show their passion and love in various regards. You can integrate this love into your interior décor with suitable artwork.

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