The top 4 reasons to invest in an invisible dog fence

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Sunday, December 5, 2021 - 10:53pm

An invisible dog fence is an electrically charged fence placed underground to keep your dog within a confined area in your yard. The fence is digitally connected to a transmitter in your house and a receiver on your dog's collar to keep him from going beyond the set boundaries.  This article discusses why you should invest in an invisible dog fence. To learn more about the benefits, reading further.

It is cheaper than a physical fence

Constructing and maintaining physical fences can be pricey. If you compare the cost of buying materials and installing the physical fence, you will discover that the invisible fence is much lower. 

Once you set up the invisible fence, the only cost you will need to concern yourself with is the occasional replacement of batteries. Additionally, you wouldn't lose your investment because you can dig up the wiring of the invisible fence and install it in your new home. 

This video illustrates how the invisible fence is set up, and how it works. 

You can supervise your dog without being outside

It is hard to let your dog play outside without a fence. You need to be around to make sure he doesn't run off or bother the neighbours. An invisible fence is like a leash. Only you are not holding the other end. Instead of supervising your dog whenever he is outside, you can leave this task to the invisible fence. 

Avoid neighbourhood fence restriction policies

Does your neighbourhood have regulations you need to follow on the type of fence, design, or materials to use? This will be a problem if you do not agree with the policy or the chosen fence is not to your liking. 

An invisible fence will solve your problem because you will not be going against the regulation, and your parents will have nothing to complain about. Additionally, your dog will be confined to your compound. 

The fence will help train your dog

When you first install the underground fence, your dog will attempt to go beyond the boundary, as he usually does. However, since his collar halts his movements every time, either with a tone or a vibration, he will soon learn never to go beyond the set boundary. 

Over time, you will; not be receiving an alert that your dog has attempted to go beyond the boundary. This is because dogs adapt to their routine easily. Since the underground fence keeps stopping your dog from going out of your compound, he will eventually give up and will remain within the allowed limits. 

Unfortunately, even though the invisible dog fence has many benefits, it also has some downsides. 

For example, the fence will keep your dog from going out, but it will not keep other animals from trespassing into your home. The installation also takes a bit of time, so you will need to find ways to control your dog until the process is complete. 

There is no doubt. You have much to gain from investing in an invisible fence. However, you need to keep checking the battery to ensure that they are working as expected. You also need to have extra batteries. This way, your fence can perform optimally at all times.


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