Tips for creating the ultimate man cave

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 10:28am

Even the most sociable and selfless members of a family appreciate their alone time now and then, and when it comes to crafting the perfect man cave, it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy some self-indulgence. Here are some tips to help you dig a little deeper and design the ultimate man cave.

Be Price-Conscious

Remember that you are creating an entire vibe, as well as a private room, so don’t get hung up on the idea of filling your man cave with expensive one-off pieces of furniture when cheap armchairs will do the same job. They’ll probably look no different, either, if you choose wisely. It’s better to keep things like furniture comfortable and practical but not outrageously expensive, so you can invest in more important personal-interest items.

Display Your Passions

This is YOUR room, so if you have toys, collections or hobbies that nobody else in the house appreciates, get them on display in here. Skateboards and guitars make great wall decorations, as do floating shelves with collectible figurines. Anything that nobody else understands or respects can live in your man cave with no need for explanation.

Indulge In A Must-Have Item

If you’ve saved some money by choosing modest furniture, why not splash out on something you’ve always wanted? That incredible record player, home bar or jukebox are all good examples, but think outside the box as well. This is where the location of your man cave can be inspirational…

Repurpose A Fitting Space

If your interests are centred around something specific, tie it in with your man-cave design. A brilliant example would be motorbike fanatics turning a garage into their ultimate man cave, complete with space for bikes that can be admired from a comfortable sofa, beer in hand. You could even replicate a favourite race team’s garage while adding in some home comforts that stay true to the overall inspiration. You’ve probably seen pictures of some of the man caves around the world, with flags draped over sofas and one-off decorations made from discarded engine parts.

Add Some Practicality

Consider what you really like to do on your days off and make sure your man cave can accommodate them. It’s all very well having somewhere to watch your favourite films undisturbed, but if you’re a fishing fanatic, for example, you’re going to want rod and equipment storage in place, too. You need to be prepared for the likelihood of being told that all your hobby paraphernalia has to live in your new hideaway, so account for it right from the start. Items like industrial lockers come in handy for this and can often be picked up for little money on local selling sites. Try searching for ‘vintage industrial storage’ – you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Make It A One-Stop

You don’t want to have to keep returning to the main house to collect things you need, so equip your man cave with everything you can think of! A bar, complete with mini-fridge and beer taps, is a good start, but don’t forget the coffee machine and dedicated snacks fridge. The idea is to have somewhere you can retreat to, to enjoy all your favourite things, so grab the crisps and stock up.

Think About Entertainment

Although your family might leave you to your own devices in your man cave, friends are likely to migrate to hang out, so your entertainment options need to be perfect. Obviously, a decent television is essential, as is reliable internet connectivity and a good sound system, but think about other elements. Have you got room for a dartboard or pool table? These types of inclusions turn a private room into a dream man cave.

Keep It Secure

If you have things in your man cave that aren’t safe for children, you’ll need to make sure that your security is up to scratch, but this is doubly important if your escape zone is outside of the main home – in a garden building or garage, for example. You can pick up keypad locks for little money at any DIY shop and adding an alarm needn’t be a complicated affair, either. For external man caves, we highly recommend adding some CCTV, especially if you’ve decorated it with treasured items that couldn’t be replaced. Don’t forget to disclose your man cave for home insurance quotes, too.

The ultimate man cave is one where you feel the most at home. It’s where your passions and interests can come together, totally unapologetically, to direct the design scheme around you, so as long as you love it and enjoy spending time in it, it’s perfect.

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