Selecting the right carpet is not always as easy as it may seem

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 8:08am

Selecting the right carpeting may seem easy, but unless you know exactly what you are doing, there is a high chance that you will end up making an expensive mistake.

Whether this is the very first time that you have been given the job of selecting the carpets or you just moved to a new house, a bit of knowledge and understanding about how it all works might help you make a better selection.

Understanding the Carpet’s Function Beyond Décor

A carpet is as much about home décor as it is about insulation and cushioning. In other words, in addition to making your floors look gorgeous, carpets also play other more important roles within a household, so the selection should be based on what kind of usage the carpeting is likely to see in a particular room.

The carpeting placed on the busy floors of a typical living room, which usually gets the maximum footfall, should not be white, off-white or of any other shade that’s too light to handle the excess load and dirt, without looking grimy. The same applies to children’s rooms too, since they are likely to spend a lot of time playing on the floor.

On the other hand, thick, soft and insulated carpeting is perfect for winter months, and they will likely help you save electricity by not letting the heat pass through so easily.

Lighting Plays a Key Role

Lighting is more important than we often realize because the luminescence of a room might play a bigger role in the final selection of the carpet, even more so than the décor itself. After all, without lights, there is no vision and poor carpet pairing can end up making your room look excessively dark or even brighter than a particular room should be. Go through the following basic principles of matching the light with the colour and texture of the carpeting.

  • Large carpeting should have deeper shades near the centre with bright overtones as it stretches out
  • Smaller carpets should be laid out with a similar strategy
  • Small rooms with high luminescence present the opportunity to choose intrinsic designs in darker shades
  • Large rooms with low luminescence will benefit from lighter shaded, especially white, off-white and cream coloured floorings

Décor and Functionality

Pairing carpet aesthetics with function is not that hard really, provided that there are plenty of carpeting options to choose from and compare before having to settle on the decision. Check out for a wide range of carpets in every price, material, colour, design and size category. Think carefully about what you need or want for each room, to see what would look best on those floors.

As long as the carpet isn’t in contradiction with what its primary job in a room is, the choice of matching or contrasting the room’s overall décor is completely dependent on your own tastes. That being said, if you have a family, then involve your spouse directly in the decision making, while taking suggestions from your children into consideration as well.

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