Modern kitchen designs and restorations in 2021

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Monday, August 30, 2021 - 9:37am

The kitchen is considered the heart of every home, especially for avid cooks, seasoned hosts, and busy families. It is the central axis that makes eating and meeting something exceptional. It's also what brings your loved ones together.

With this in mind, your kitchen should be a combination of style and functionality. Its space should allow you to be able to quickly prepare your loved ones' favorite meals without compromising aesthetics. On the other hand, it should be an atmospheric space where you will always work without sacrificing usability.

Exciting times await you if you want to improve your cooking space through a renovation project. By renovating you can enhance your kitchen's functionality while enhancing its appearance. However, such a project can also seem overwhelming, especially if you haven't decided on the design for the makeover. You want the best results, but it can be daunting to know where and how to start.

Open Concept Floor Plans

Today, busy families prefer open floor plans and lots of natural light. And as such, most renovations now involve removing walls and adding windows. Easier access and a good view of the outdoor space is also common. That's why adding single or double doors to take advantage of this is common. Not to be overlooked, for a proper kitchen makeover, traffic flow should be considered to ensure a highly functional space, after all, this room is as a place for entertainment as well as working in.


Today's best styles are a mix of temporary, modern, rustic and contemporary designs. Modern design are way ahead of conventional styles; advanced styles feature a simple, clean look and have an overall softer feel. The following styles should be kept in mind when planning your kitchen renovation:

  • Classic

A classic design is worth exploring if you are a more traditional person who likes to take a stylish approach. This design can be pretty conventional; however, thanks to the current materials and finishes, it does not lose its shine and always remains fashionable. Classically designed cooking places can always be altered into modern ones after a successful respray.

  • Modern

This could be the perfect design for you if you are not interested in the classic style. The modern designs are dynamic and very experimental. These are often very similar to a playground, where you can freely explore and have fun. It could also be your laboratory to experiment with ingredients to create dishes. 

  • Country

Adjoining grounds are a good idea if you see your cooking place as a cozy and comfortable space and want it to stay that way. It is also perfect for you to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Ultimately, a country-style cooking space is your best option if you're not stuck with voice-activated cooking and baking appliances and you are more interested in enjoying a great meal with your loved ones! This kind of refurbishment requires a particular taste and vibe.

Storage area

The kitchen has become a multifunctional space and is often an extension of the living room. As such, a large amount of storage space, ease of use, and the family's ability to work play, live and entertain should be considered essential elements of innovative cooking area design. In terms of storage, cabinets have come a long way. Most kitchens are equipped with:

  • Removable waste and recycling portions.
  • Folding shelves.
  • Cupboards with soft-close function.
  • Storage and organisation of crockery, cutlery and small appliances.
  • Pantry space was not always available in the past, but it is a priority for most families today.

More and more people are being attracted to such storage functionalities when considering a facelift for their kitchen.

Increase in space

In 2019, 54% of a remodeled kitchen had a new design and this number has been increasing for years. Whenever possible, the owners do not want to reproduce their old work space. In previous years, the U-shaped kitchen with an island was popular. L-shaped kitchens with islands are now fashionable. Many families choose to add a small countertop to ensure they have enough room for an island with adequate headroom. Some opt for a full-scale extension that also includes a family room and possibly a fireplace.


Revolving doors is currently the most popular choice for updating cabinets. Clear paint cabinets are the way to go, and today most homeowners opt for a painted finish. In about 78% of cookery renovations, custom or semi-fitted cabinets are made to order.

Counter tops

The number one choice in the tabletop market now is artificial quartz materials. Quartz now accounts for over 40% of the market, but granite is still prevalent. Both options are acceptable for you, but do your homework and be sure to invest in counters that you will love for years to come. Butcher blocks or custom wood panels are famous for countertops. The wood is not as cold or hard as stone, making it an excellent option for the island where people like to be pampered.


The floor space options vary a lot. Wood is the best solution in New England, but many tiled floors are still popular. Recently, luxury vinyl tiles have gained popularity and are an excellent option for price, performance, look and feel.


Devices continue to offer a wow factor because they incorporate the latest technology. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices you can always watch what's happening or start and manage your devices remotely. Continuous efficiency improvement also means you use less energy - that's always a good thing! The latest technology seeps into other ways with charging ports for phones and electrodes, wireless speaker systems, and central controls for lights and thermostats.

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