A Latex Mattress: Your Next purchase?

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 10:35am

Every aspect of our home and how we live has an impact on the environment. Most households are guilty of a tremendous amount of waste each year and many of the products that we buy also have a major impact on the environment. Thankfully, there are more and more solutions every day and one of those is the use of latex mattresses and other organic materials that have a much less negative impact upon the environment both in their production and longevity.

Though latex mattresses and the use of other organic materials in households is not a new concept, their popularity has grown in recent years as individuals seek to make ethical purchases that are long-lasting and have minimal impact upon the environment.

This article seeks to answer some of the most asked questions about latex mattresses, the reasons you should buy a latex mattress, what’s the difference between foam and latex mattresses and much more.

What is a latex mattress?

A natural latex mattress is made from 100% organic material.

Latex mattresses are formed by combing layers of latex foam that increase comfort and allow for varying degrees of firmness depending on an individual’s needs.

To increase comfort latex mattresses are topped with a soft organic wool and cotton cover allowing the mattress to breathe which ultimately helps users avoid any discomfort.

A latex bed is certainly the best choice among the variety of mattresses on the market if you’re looking for a lasting and environmentally friendly mattress.

Why buy a latex mattress?

Mattresses made from natural latex have gained popularity due to their durability and the comfort they provide and of course the minimal impact they have upon the environment.

Conforming to your body better than any other material on the market, these mattresses are made of natural latex harvested from rubber trees and are completely free of harsh chemicals, while some are even biodegradable, making them even more eco-friendly.

How long does a latex mattress last?

Another reason to choose a latex mattress is the durability of latex as opposed to traditional spring and coil mattresses. A quality latex mattress that is taken care of can last you up to 20 years, a much better investment than traditional mattresses.

What is the difference between foam and latex mattresses?

Maybe you’ve been wondering what the difference is between a foam and latex mattress is, since the two are very often compared on the market. First the similarities, they both adjust to the body’s shape, but the latex variety offers better durability than the foam kind.

Memory foam is a man-made foam created with polyurethane and additional materials that make viscoelastic properties, while latex foam can be created from three different material types: completely natural latex, which is our recommendation, synthetic latex, or a mix of natural and synthetic varieties, which isn’t a bad option either.

Organic latex is the best variety for those seeking a mattress that provides both flexibility and unparalleled durability to ensure quality sleep.

Another great perk of latex is that the best of the kind can adjust to different levels of firmness if you and your partner happen to have different preferences - avoid arguing at the shop and simply find one that works for both you and your partner in terms of what works best.

Solid latex mattresses, while still comfortable have the same issues as traditional spring and foam mattresses in that they cannot be adjusted accordingly.

The best quality latex mattresses are those which are layered. This allows users to adjust the firmness of the mattress by adding or taking away layers and adjusting them to their preferred comfort.

Is a latex mattress good for the baby?

Both natural and synthetic latex can contain allergens that can cause upset for babies. Protective covers can be bought, but in the case of babies, it is always better to avoid irritants and potential allergies where possible. So if you are looking for a baby mattress online then an organic baby mattress made from natural latex may be a great choice.

How to store a latex mattress?

For all good things to last, quality care and maintenance are necessary. In case you’re moving or simply aren’t using the mattress right now, strip it bare of any bedding, clean it properly and store it flat in a plastic bag. It will be good as new when you reopen it!

How to choose the firmness of a latex mattress?

When looking at an organic latex mattress, the firmer layers should go towards the bottom of the mattress. The bottom layer is the support layer while the purpose of the top layer is to provide more comfort.

Check-in with your mattress provider on the different comfort levels and layers available. Some suppliers provide only the firmest mattresses while others will have a combination which is probably the best choice as you can arrange the firmness to your comfort level.

Choosing the firmness of your latex mattresses will take some trial and error at home, but it is the best way to ensure a relaxing and uninterrupted sleep.

Are natural latex mattresses safe?

Natural latex mattresses are free from any harmful chemicals and irritants found in traditional mattresses. Coil and spring mattresses contain flammable material, pointed objects that can harm children, and petroleum-based foams.

All these items can cause accidents and irritants that are avoided with natural latex mattresses. So when choosing a mattress always make sure it is a chemical-free mattress.

What is the best latex mattress?

The best latex mattress is the one that provides you with the most comfort. Una Mattress has been supplying organic material mattress for years, the materials are ethically sourced, crafted to perfection and provide excellent comfort to those who purchase them.

The best latex mattress should be comfortable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Thankfully with more and more choices on the market, this is the best time to start looking for your first organic mattress.

Choosing Organic

Organic latex mattresses can provide unparalleled comfort, they are less harmful to the environment than many other materials on the market and their adjustability is something that cannot be found in many other types of mattresses.

For those seeking comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind about their impact on the environment, then choosing an Organic latex mattress is the right way to go.







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