Jobs that you should ask a handyman to do

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Sunday, March 28, 2021 - 8:10am

Are you sick and tired of trying to DIY all the different projects around your house and need a little help? Did you bite off a bit more than you could chew and now you are struggling to get all of your home renovation projects complete?

The idea of doing a DIY job yourself sound really funs, and always seems like a great project to take on and pass the time. While there may be some things that are easy enough to do yourself, there are some things that you just should try to do alone. Many things can go wrong and so many people get injured every year from trying to do things they have no experience doing.

A handyman is trained to do work on people houses and do it well at that. With a handyman, such as the ones recommended by BBOJ here, it is unlikely you will be stuck with an unfinished project or something that just looks terrible. If you would like to avoid all the stress of that, here are some jobs you should be asking your handyman to do.


Painting isn’t a particularly difficult task to take on by yourself and many people do tend to DIY this kind of thing quite often, but what most people don’t really think of is just how much time goes into painting even one wall.

Painting is an extremely time consuming job that requires lots of patience and hard work. Not only that, but it starts to become tedious as you realise you have to do a few coats of the paint before you wall is actually finished, and the time you have to wait in-between coats is painfully slow.

Not only will a handyman have all the tools needed to paint your walls but he will also probably do a much better job that you would do yourself because they understand different techniques to avoid streaking and messing up the paint or getting paint on your floors.


Tiling looks like a simple job. All you have to do is slap down some cement and then make sure all the tiles lie down straight. While this is partly true, there is so much more that goes into tiling than just that. You need to consider the spacing between the tiles, and the grout that needs to be use and a whole bunch more that a handyman will know a lot more about than anyone else. They also have a lot of experience doing this so if a tile needs to be halved or split, no one will get hurt, and the tiles will look evenly spaced, and everything will fit nicely. Doing this yourself may result in a bit of a wonky floor.


Not everyone can be good at working with wood, and just because you built a birdhouse that one time doesn’t meant that you should necessarily take up the task of doing all the carpentry in your house.

Carpentry require so much more than having an idea and attempting to execute it. You will need a variety of different tools that most people don’t just have laying around in their garage, and you will also have to be good with mathematics and measurements, because carpentry has to be so precise otherwise nothing will fit together and you will end up with a table that doesn’t sit flat or a chair that has one leg longer than the rest.

Most handymen are particularly good at carpentry and will be able to help you make sure that all the wood word in your house is fantastic.

Cleaning gutters and repairs

If you’ve ever tired cleaning a gutter, you know that it’s messy and time consuming. There is no shame in hiring a handyman to help you out with that, especially if you don’t have the time to do it. Gleaning your gutters is and absolutely necessary set when it comes to caring for your house and a handy man will help you will this, especially since he will have all the equipment needed like long ladders which you might not have. While he’s up there, he could also have a look and see if anything needs repairs.

Aircon installation

You may think that you should just attempt to install an aircon on your own but it can be really tricky, and if you break it, it will be expensive to replace. A handyman will be able to have your new aircon up and running for you in no time at all and there is minimal risk of anything breaking or you hurting yourself.  

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