How to reduce your phone bill

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 5:54am

Are you paying too much for your phone bill every month? Are you looking for the best ways to reduce your Phone and Broadband bills? Here are some useful tips to help you reduce your phone bill immediately. 

If Possible Use WI-FI

If there is a WI-FI connection available, switch off your mobile data, especially at work or at home. When using mobile data, don’t stream or download anything to avoid spending too much. Keep in mind that mobile data is expensive and you might be charged as high $15 immediately you exceed your allotted limit. 

Switch to 4G/LTE network only when you need it to avoid exceeding your monthly limit. Sign up for the alerts so you can get a warning when the monthly limit is almost finished. 

Limit the Use of Background Data 

Even if you have restricted the use of 4G/LTE network when on mobile data, some apps might be accessing it on the background. To stop this, you should go to the settings option on your phone and check the mobile data usage especially the background app usage. 

Refresh the settings and turn off what you don’t use regularly. That way, your data isn’t diminished when you are not really using it. Note that, you can always switch back on the apps that need data whenever you need it for effortless and swift transactions. 

Don’t Pay for Phone Insurance 

Take the total monthly payments for phone insurance and multiply that by 12 to find out how much you pay per year. Well, that’s the amount of money you are paying just in case something happens to your phone. Rather than paying for phone insurance, you should just keep some money aside each month so you can purchase a new phone if you ever need it. 

If you feel like you need the insurance, you need to assess whether or not you have bought a phone that’s way over your budget. If the answer is yes, then you need to opt for a cheaper phone that would be easy to replace with your cash on hand without any worries. 

Paperless Billing or Automated Payments 

Well, it might not help you save a lot of money. However, if you could save as little as $5 each month by choosing automated payments or paperless billing, you should definitely choose it. 

Employer Discount 

Check whether your employer offers a corporate discount. Here, you will be reimbursed if you use your phone for work including calls or emails. If it’s available, make sure you sign up for it. Also, if you use your phone for your home business or a side hustle, you can deduct some of the cost by checking tax refunds applicable to you.

Settle for No-Contract Phones

Mobile phone companies know how to make money especially by having people sign up for contracts. For instance, to get a good phone, you have to sign up for a 2 year contract and use their network. If you choose to switch carriers or try to cancel, you will get a hefty fee. 

Rather than falling for their gimmicks, you should opt for no-contract and gently used phones. Most of these phones are referred to as ‘unlocked’ and can easily use a SIM card. You are also going to get it at a discounted price. Well, downside is you will not get a new phone this way but it’s an easy way to get a good phone without locking yourself into expensive contracts for a long time. 

Prolong The Life Of Your Phone 

You need to do as much as possible to prolong the lifespan of your phone. If your old phone is still in a good working condition, you can keep using it for a while longer. Don’t rush into buying the cheapest and newest phone in the market. 

Don’t add the cost of your buying a new phone into your wireless bill. Note that, you will be making payments on the new phone and it’s still a huge debt. Meanwhile, your monthly phone bill will keep increasing. Save a lot of money by using your old phone without any worries.